Monday, August 21, 2006

Back online again [nervous sigh].

I’ve had two sites in my life exploring topics of religion, politics, homosexuality, and so on. I got rid of the first when I couldn’t agree with myself anymore, and got rid of the second when I started getting death threats.

In short, I’ve yet to do anything online more personal than buy a book that didn’t end in regret a year or so down the line (and I’ve regretted some of the books too). So, of course, another go at it then, with full knowledge I’ll regret it :-)…

I’ve been inspired to blog by, of all groups, the LDS gays married to straight women, featured here. I’ve very much appreciated their stories, and have learned a lot from them.

There are other reasons, of course, the old reasons. I hope to encourage young gays to look beyond the stereotype of the “gay lifestyle” presented to them by the left and the right. I also want those who can’t understand our family to have the opportunity to do so. Finally, I want to keep this as a bit of a record and place to collect my thoughts.

I’m certainly nowhere near a writer; I’m a scientist, and promise no skillful language, spelling, or grammar. I’m also a bit longwinded. To indulge this (and allay it in future posts), I’ll start by posting my relevant background.

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