Saturday, May 03, 2008

Guess What I Did Yesterday

By my fancy look, did I:
A) Buy a new slimming black dress and matching hat for the summer cocktail circuit.
B) Founded the first Gay-Straight Alliance at Hogworts.
C) Sacrificed a chicken to Olofi.
D) Joined a cult
E) Finally went through my graduation ceremony.

That's right, D, joined a cult. Nothing serious, our only tenants being to promise to be able to recite from memory numbers like 35.453 and boor people to tears at discussion of our work.

You can't see it in the picture but that hood is really odd, with, like, a big cloth spike on top.

Anyway, though I got my doctorate last semester, they only do the ceremony once a year, and yesterday was my turn. I don't usually care much for ceremony, save for when it comes to family; it often just strikes me as silly. And don't get me wrong, being be-hooded and wearing robes with stripes was comical too; I felt like I should have brought one of the boys' light sabers. But I can see the reason in it; I was glad to have our boys witness the event:
and I can't say I wasn't hit by emotion when my adviser, now colleague, attached that hood to my back. He was a great adviser and is now a good friend:
That is at the celebratory dinner we had afterwards. Almost everybody there was asking me how it feels to be Dr. Lastname, and to be honest it doesn't feel any different. I'm just relieved; that and I now have a lot less respect for doctors. I mean, even I, knowing all my weaknesses and sure there are some I ignore, even I got one of those dr's :-).

The party was just with my closest family and friends, all of whom I've had since my early teens. I know I've been lucky, greatly blessed in the area of friends and family. I don't imagine most people as adults are as close with their teenage buddies, and it's wonderful to have people in your life who know you so well, people you know have your back and with whom you can't remember the last misunderstanding.

Funny though to notice last night how our parties now have an atmosphere more like a Chuck-e-Cheese than the Frat House atmosphere of our teens. We almost all have children now, and the only friend who doesn't is like an uncle (oddly though ours boys are the oldest of the kids; the gay guy of the group had children before all the others :-)). Ah, good times...


Mr. Fob said...

Congratulations, Dr. Lastname! What happened to Dr. O'Grair?

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

That's really great; I'm really happy for you.

You totally should have brought a lightsabre. That would have been awesome.

Anonymous said...

i'm always impressed with phd's--the initiative and perseverance of a dissertation being more impressive than the pass-a-test requirement of MD/JD (i speak from experience)

Java said...

Well congratulations are in order. I knew you were a "fud" but I didn't realize you were so recently minted.
I agree; sometimes these ceremonies are much more important for the observers than for the participants. That is one robe I'd like to wear myself, one with three stripes on the sleeve. Mine would(will?) have stripes of a different color, however.

Scot said...

Ben What happened to Dr. O'Grair?

You’d reveal my secret fake last name. Uncool.

Craig: thank you.

Santorio: “i'm always impressed with phd's”

Eh, I’m impressed with MD’s. While I’ll not want to diminish my stress in the defense and dissertation (Which I just got notice is now in the Library of Congress if you want to pick it up for fun summertime reading :-)), my group doesn’t have the guts to directly affect life or death situations. I imagine my lab is far less stressful than any operating room.

Java: Thank you

more important for the observers than for the participants.

Exactly. That ceremony, to me, was really about our children and my parents.

Mr. Fob said...

If the mob comes for your secret fake family, I'll take the blame.

Scot said...

Yeah, tell that to the secret fake police when they find my body riddle with secret fake bullets.

Mr. Fob said...

Your secret fake body, that is.

da Marmo said...

Congratulations to the Grad! Also, congrats on your blog (I been lurking here a lot lately and measuring my fingers as a result) and on your loving commitment to your husband, children and extended family.

Scot said...

Thank you da marmo and welcome.