Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pride 2008 Recap

Another great pride event.

We walked with Equality Utah:
Alan distributed necklaces:
Once out of necklaces (those he was willing to part with) and the parade was over, we met up with my parents, some friends, sister, a niece and nephew, and walked the booths a bit.

Finally at the arranged secret time and secret place, we met up with some of the local blogging mohos:
I should admit that I altered this group photo of our meeting slightly, to conceal our identities a bit (BYU morality police being what they are...). FYI, I'm the guy with the chaps and handlebar mustache.

Seriously, it was a pleasure to meet you, and spend the day with those already met. (Edgy, Wha happened?)

Apparently, there were many many gay LDS (or ex-LDS) there:

That's to be followed with an "on your mission" of course. Rob's flag is stuck there in South Korea.

Finally, all prided out, Brian attained enlightenment
and we went home to take a nap, before our weekly Sunday family dinner at my parent's. Good day.


Kengo Biddles said...

What did Alan require for the distributing of the beads? I'm doubtful it was anything Mardi-Gras-esque...was it for Ice Cream? :)

Paul said...

You say you're "the guy with the chaps and handlebar mustache."

Sure you are.

Edgy said...

Ahh. See, here is what happened . . .

Edgy and Dec observed the parade. We were toward the end of the parade route. Top complaint about the parade: For some odd reason, the organizers would allow gaps of, like, two blocks happen between entries. Consequently the parade was rather long. At least for our viewing. Oh, and Edgy is one of those who insists on staying through the end of the parade, at least here in Utah.

Moral of the story: Edgy and Dec didn't arrive at the meeting place until 25 minutes after the posted meeting time. And at that point, Dec wanted to go to brunch with his friends, so we walked back up the street to Avenues Bakery, which was also delightful.

Regardless, Edgy and Dec still want to meet you. Edgy is trying to use this as leverage to finish the backyard so as to host a summer barbecue.

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Summer BBQ? Yes please. Pretty please.

Sean and I must have been standing very close to you, Edgy, for we too were at the very end of the parade route, and left before the end to go meet Scot & Co.

It's too bad you didn't get a pic of Brian when he spontaneously did that pose where his eyes were closed and he truly looked as if he were nigh unto achieving nirvana.

I had a lot of fun, and though I got somewhat sunburnt, I wished it had lasted longer. It's really too bad this only happens once a year.

Scot said...

Kengo: He gave to anyone, sometimes hitting people by surprise.

Anyway, at pride the only girls showing their boobs are men.

Paul: Okay, I photoshopped the mustache in.

Edgy, and we waited 15. Ah well. Next time.

Craig, you should have asked. Every parent carries sunscreen :-). My little Buddha had it in his bag.