Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finally, Nov 4

We just got the boys off to school, I'm taking the morning off of work, and am about to head out to help get the vote out. Yes, I'm that unhealthily obsessed.

Day light saving time, McCain, Obama, and Proposition 8 have had me up since 4. I don't much want to think of it, but tomorrow we may once again be without a legal marriage, equal rights, responsibilities, or protections anywhere in the US (or maybe not, even if Prop 8 passes). I suppose it'd be silly to not think about that, when the rights of the three most important people in your life are on the line.

I just can't stop my fascination with some of the reasons people are using to justify treating our families this way; the scientist in me keeps running through them in an infinite loop, when I should know better by now; it's not science.

Tomorrow we may have to regroup, redraw plans, add one more governmentally disregarded contract of paper to our collection. But we'll still have our indelible contract of spirit. We may have to start again. But we will start again; we can't afford not to and will keep working to the day we have equal rights in our law. We could buy a trip to Connecticut? Canada? While I'm sure we'll have to move from Utah for this in our lifetime (unless SCOTUS steps in and upholds the 14th amendment for all Americans), we'll still have to figure out if it's worth it to move elsewhere right now, wherever that is. California was really the only place, other than Utah, we wanted to live, for its job opportunities for me and for its relative proximity to family in Utah. Or maybe it will all work out and I woke up worrying about my family's legal fate at 4 for nothing. Who knows.

What's clear is that, if you don't vote, you're a jerk. That's right, I'm calling you out.

So vote. Vote well (meaning how I voted or would vote ;-)). Anyway, happy election day and good luck.


Queers United said...

I think it is safe to say I voted how you would vote :)

Guy said...

Was having trouble posting on Isocrat, btw, so copying/posting here:

Heading out again now to get out the vote in Oakland, but thought I'd share this interesting news:


kevin said...

All the excitement makes me wish I was voting in California.

I don't think that gay marriage is going to come down to a vote in Washington. The Washington Bar Association has advocated Gay Marriage in Washington.

And I just voted for a Republican (gasp!)Deputy Governor in Washington that supports Gay Marriage.

So, the times, they are a changin'!

Scot said...

qu "I think it is safe to say I voted how you would vote :)"

I had no worries about your vote :-).

That is interesting guy; I'd like to know how those documents were obtained and from where.

kevin "And I just voted for a Republican (gasp!)Deputy Governor in Washington that supports Gay Marriage."

Hey, I've voted republican too. We actually have a good Utah state Attorney General who stood up for our families during our marriage amendment.

Also, I hope marriage equality comes to Washington; that's a state on our short list of possible new homes.

JB said...

I voted it down. I saw a lot of "No on Prop 8" signs around my polling place. Thank you for the many wonderful resources on this blog as well as your other to show friends and family who feel compelled to vote or fight for prop 8. Let's keep our fingers crossed another few hours.