Sunday, March 29, 2009


Utah's weather is something I'm accustom too, but the winters are about a month too long for us. Worse, the state always has that one last annoying snow storm, one that comes after a week of 60 degree weather makes you think spring has finally taken hold. Today was one of those storms.

In anticipation, though, and not wanting to be bored of winter anymore, we took the kids into the mountains to go sledding yesterday. Enjoy it before it's gone, instead of feeling tired of it.

Though a snowball fight with his brother left Brian with an ear full of snow (remember how painful that was as a kid? :-)), it was a great antidote for this one last cold spell, kind of analogous to how I hope to weather future storms here, before the thaw.

Also, check out our cool new sled :

It wore out too easily, though:


Evan said...

Too fun.

Why did I have to miss this cold spell by a week or two? It would have been nice to seen real snow instead of TX snow for a change :)

SexyClassicist said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for a long time but have never commented. This post made me cry! It was so intimate and tender. What love your family has!

Wyatt said...

YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be just like you guys! I want your life and I want your fervor!

Thanks for being brave and for being the best possible citizens of humanity and thanks for being the most loving and attentive fathers. Your children are so lucky!!

You make me proud to be gay!

Scot said...

Evan: "Why did I have to miss this cold spell by a week or two?"

I'm sorry we missed you while you were here. We could have taken you sledding up there; there'll be snow there for another month, I bet.

Thank you SexyClassicist. But don't let me make you cry; sledding is fun :-). Now, that last post, I can't watch the first 5 seconds without crying.

And wow, thank you Wyatt. What a nice way to start off the day.