Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twin, King, Queen

I left Hawaii too soon, in a couple of ways.

I forgot about what I found to be a funny bit of history repeating. I didn't even mention that the last time we were in Hawaii was on our Honeymoon, 13 years ago. Just look at those hansom young men :-):
Last week we went to the same attractions and swam in that same waterfall. We stayed in a hotel just a short walk down the beach from where we stayed on our honeymoon. The kids got a kick out of the family history--really, they did--and I loved driving home the point for them that their parents have been stable for longer than even the beach in front of our new hotel had existed.

Something has bugged us though, just a little bit, about our honeymoon for a long time now.

The night we checked into the first hotel on our honeymoon we found our reserved room had two double beds; this, it goes without saying, was disappointing :-). Fortunately, the hotel had an extra room with a king. I just thought they made a mistake and I asked to switch. That's fine; everyone makes mistakes, I thought.

Then the next hotel we stayed in (well, it was more of a B&B) the exact same thing happened; we were reserved a room with two tiny beds and they had no other rooms this time, and so we were 1950's Ozzie and Harriot the rest of the trip.

How could this happen twice, when it had never happened to us before? I was frustrated and asked the front desk how that happened. They looked at their notes and said our travel agent was very specific in requesting a room with two double beds. I then, curious, had to call the first hotel and they said the same thing; our travel agent requested it and they even referred to her by name.

To book our honeymoon we used a travel agent that had booked vacations for my family for many years. Up to then, though, Rob and I had made our own travel arrangements as a couple. She lived in our neighborhood and was LDS but, again, back then I was quite naive about all that and didn't think she'd have a problem helping us. She was always very friendly and congenial to our faces, even though she knew who I was marrying and even after I told her our trip was for our honeymoon. When asked about the double beds when we got back, her excuse was that she just wasn't thinking, but, well, that's kind of hard to believe; I'm pretty sure the purpose of the trip stood out in her mind :-).

Regardless, the point of this anecdote (that, okay, isn't my best): Having separate beds for part of our honeymoon, and the thought that it may have been purposefully done has annoyed me for a while now... And it never happened on a trip again in the 13 years since, until we got back to Hawaii and into our rooms and saw this:
Just like old times... But this time it was the Hotel's fault, and it was good for a laugh. Now that event doesn't much bother me; Double beds were almost romantic, given the history :-).


Guy said...

That's too funny!

If you guys ever do visit us in Hawaii, I'll be sure to arrange separate beds for you, for old Hawaiian time's sake. It's the aloha spirit. ;)

Evan said...

This made me laugh.
It's nice to know this entry had a positive twist at the end. :)

Anonymous said...


Ezra said...

That's really a fun story, it's great that you can laugh about it now.

Scot said...

Guy, I said it was almost romantic :-).

Evan, Ezra, yeah, that had been annoying me for a while but that little hotel goof really took the seriousness out of it :-).