Friday, September 29, 2006

Blogging Rules and Regulations

This house needs some order. I look around at blogs and see a bunch of unwritten rules. Let me clear mine up:

1. None of my posts are ever going contain my lamentations over an inability to find low low prices on viagra. No advertising in the comments.

2. I don’t care if you put links in your comments to your blog or anywhere else, as long as they are at least vaguely relevant, and perfectly work safe, and family friendly.

3. Curse, if you must, but you’ll be bleeped. Pretend this is primetime TV with the same rules, save the gay people in it aren’t stereotypes, and they're not constantly out to sissify the straight guy.

4. Make your comments as long as they need to be. I, a longwinded guy, cannot through the first stone in this area and don’t a bit mind. (I feel the same about spelling and grammar. I’ll not criticize that; sometimes my hands type the oddest things…)

5. I am not a strict topic enforcer. I don’t mind if comments get off track.

Now, some other things…

Clearly, the names have been changed to protect the [in the eye of the beholder]. I don’t, of course, call my spouse by a single letter. For future reference, if I get comfortable enough to talk more about our children, I think they’ll have the names they had first, A and B.

I really most want to talk about them, and think the most useful information for other gay men and women I’d have is regarding being a parent, but am still thinking of the borders I want to place.

Also I don’t think I’ll be keeping it all gay all the time. Though that’s really the only thing that makes me not just another boring father and researcher ;-), I get tired of it. I think I’ll start straying a bit.

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