Monday, September 25, 2006


A change of pace… McGreevey’s promotion of his book happened while I was posting my reasons for equal marriage rights. Here’s his interview on NPR (The “Listen” button is just under the title).


Don’t you hate it when you listen to a person and that alone makes you less willing to judge them harshly? Well, as harshly ;-).

A gay man cheating on his wife with many anonymous gay trysts, using political power to help "lovers", and advocating to keep committed monogamous gay couples from equal rights was not someone I was happy to hear say “I am a gay American”. He caused a lot of harm and sorrow. But, I must admit, he doesn’t seem that difficult to understand after hearing him out (assuming he’s innocent of the nastier claims about him which he denies). The way he puts it, treating your homosexuality like an addiction and being anti gay rights seem like reasonable bedfellows.

Anyway, I think some around here might find some of what he has to say interesting.


Chris said...

I've been watching him this past week and have orded his book. I have been impressed by him, and have identified with so much of what he has said and his experience. I wasn't a governor when I came out, but I was a recently released Mormon bishop. In my small community, it felt like a big deal in the way the it felt like a big deal in Jersey when he came out.

I'm going to hear him speak tomorrow night here in New York City.

Scot said...

I’d like to know your impressions upon hearing him speak, Chris.

Particularly if it’s to a primarily gay audience, I’d be curious to know if or how he presents himself and his past differently from what’s been in the press.