Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ron Schow

For those interested, Professor Ron Schow had an editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune today reacting to the recent article on “mixed” marriages (A term that continually strikes me as wrong, as they are actually the rare marriages in which the two people don’t have different sexual orientations). It may be found here.

Really, it struck me as kind of plain. Of course the marriages are more likely to fail if you’re higher on the Kinsey Scale, more sexually driven, and more repelled by the opposite sex. Bisexuals aren’t homosexuals, and so on…

But he did referred to “The Persistence of Same Sex Attraction in Latter-day Saints Who Undergo Counseling or Change Therapy”, here, at

There’s a couple posts that could be created from that site. Some other time... But is there any really good research on this topic? Anything not totally reliant on questionnaires, and/or sampling compromises? If not, all you have to do is send me a generous check, and, once the funds are in place, I’ll get right on it :-).

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