Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I’ll be away from the blogs for a while. Occupied probably in this order:

1. Frantically finishing up one of my gifts to R, a home improvement project involving electricity and water. (Call the authorities if I don’t post again by the New Year.)

2. Helping Santa display his gifts to get maximum eye width out of our children on Christmas morning.

3. Up at 4 in the Christmas morning with a video camera in hand, and making loud, child-waking noises.

4. Playing with my kid’s toys.

So, being impossibly busy, obviously, I thought I’d just post some of the cute Christmas-y items today that have come up out of the mouths of our babes, like:

--“Papa, how do you spell Porsche?” Shocked as to why, I had to ask. Turns out B was writing daddy’s Christmas letter to Santa. Daddy’s a clever advisory that way ;-).

--My little A, in a bold announcement (at 4 years of age) “I don’t think Santa is real.”

I asked who told him that, but he said no one. All I could get out of him was a couple “I just think that”s. But a little bit before he was asking us why the Santas we’d seen all looked and sounded different, and maybe he didn’t buy dad’s answer (I’ve a tough time lying in this arena and so let R do it :-)). So, could he have reasoned that? Of course. That’s my boy! :-)

--In all sincerity, B asked: “Are you Santa, papa?” I responded with a laugh, “No, why would you think that? Is my belly fat?” (I weigh about 160 :-)) “No,” he said, “sometimes you talk like Santa.” (My voice is not near that low, so what’s that about? :-))

--While out trying to make a snowman of too dry snow, A exclaimed “Papa, look, that snow is yellow.” And thus an invaluable lesson was imparted to the next generation.

--The prize for the cutest present I bought goes to the little red ball that Whaley (B’s little whale he takes everywhere) asked for. And yes Whaley was to be my present from B (here), but he and daddy got me another and, with permission, B took Whaley back. I couldn’t really keep the creature; apparently, or so I’m told, the whale has superpowers and I dare not defy or disappoint him on Christmas.

I best stop; some have a low tolerance for cuteness :-). But…

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE (who’s celebrating Christmas)!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

(FYI that image up top is of a poinsettia, though very close; I do try to make them somehow relevant. :-))

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-L- said...

I do love your pictures, poinsettias and otherwise.

I don't think we'll have the ability to ever teach our children to believe in Santa. Yes, we will be those truth telling types that make their children's lives miserable with boredom.