Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 1, New York and Outings

(The next couple posts will be a bit of journal entries along with my take on the day from the time I'm writing this; forgive me if I mess the tense up)

Not much to tell on this day. We went to Time Square, which meant that we had to go to the huge Toys R Us there. After the Farris wheel, the boys got to pick out “any toy in the place” (no worries, I know their tastes and was not at risk of spending over 50 bucks… as long as I could keep Brian away from noticing the electronics; he’s just like his pop :-)).

Alan was fascinated by the animatronic dinosaur. He couldn’t quite decide if it was real or not and I was not about to stop his deliberation. He was pretty sure it wasn’t real, as we’ve had the extinct conversation many times… still, he didn’t want me to get too close.

At dinner grandma, as she often does, outed us all to the restaurant. This is really no big deal to us anymore, particularly in a friendly place like New York, but it was once a bother. I mean it goes something like:

Waiter: "Hi, my name is John and I’ll be your waiter. What would you like to drink?"

Mom: "My son here is gay and I'll have a Diet Coke..."

Okay, maybe there's more of an opening for her to bring it up, but not much ;-).

Rob and I kind of like to only out ourselves if it comes up naturally in conversation, as any other person would, but I do get a kick out of how out of their way my parents sometimes go to express their love and support. If it’s my dad he may commonly add something like: “and if you’ve a problem with gays then you’ve got a problem with me.” I don’t think many expect such from people in their seventies. Gotta love’em.

As we were leaving, the waiter came up and told us how he’d worked on the same cruise ship line. He told us how much the staff he knew loved the rfamily cruises, and said they found the passengers to be abnormally polite… maybe he says that to all the cruises :-).


playasinmar said...

What about the Nintendo World store? Or the Pokemon center?

Chris said...

Um, you were in New York? Excuse me?

Scot said...

"What about the Nintendo World store? "

Now that would have cost me.


I actually had pulled your phone number up and was about to call. But we were so short on time in the city and my folks had already made plans for dinner that night.

I was actually kind of hoping that you and Jed might hop on the ship last minute :-). You should consider it for next year. It's leaving out of New York again and headed up to Halifax and back. I'm not sure we're going though as we did that two years ago.

And you give us a call when you're in SLC next! :-)

Chris said...

Alright. You're forgiven.

We've talked about doing the cruise at some point, so maybe next year we'll do it. It does sound great.