Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 4, The Mouse, I'm Out, and A Gay 80's Band

In Florida's air there’s apparently no room for one’s pitiful attempts at evaporative cooling. Today we woke up in Port Canaveral. It was in the high 90’s F, but not the sort of high 90’s we ever have back home.

I did my best to talk my family into visiting the space center--the air conditioned space center--but Disney World was just too close. So we boarded a Disney-bound bus full of kids and, somewhat surprisingly, a good percentage of the New York Gay Men’s Chorus, the main contingent of single men on the cruise… I’d have picked the space center, if in their shoes. I’m just say’n.

That’s us. And yes, we were pestered the whole time by those glowing fairies; the magic kingdom has quite an infestation and they ruined almost every picture.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time, as anyone with twin kindergarteners at Disney World would, despite the crushing heat. Stay away from the Lilo and Stitch “ride,” though, unless you’d like to be trapped in the dark with a halitosis sufferer on your lap.

Err.. . Okay, I’ve been wanting to get over my unwillingness to shown our faces, and I was just about to edit them out of another photo. But why? We have already had our faces in an eye much more public and widespread than this blog will ever be, and, if there is one, I’m sure we’re already on the enemies list ;-). Furthermore, this blog is going more personal anyway.

So this point is where facelessness ends (I'll keep the above photo as is as I like the idea of gay men being bothered by fairies).

Maybe it’s an odd choice for the first showing, but I love the picture, even though it shows us all haggard (and with Rob missing, taking the photo). I think it captures the essence of the end of a humid day at Disney World well (and yes our boys need haircuts, but we're waiting until the swimming lessons are over; fresh start):
Yeah, the skull… I’ll simply warn: never but in front of us in an hour plus line with near 100 degree temperatures and 100% humidity.

Once back on the ship we put the kids to bed with the grandparents in charge and went to that night’s entertainment, an Erasure concert. I again wonder if other cruises are generally like this, but we seem to get some pretty good shows for a cruise ship. Not that Erasure is big anymore, or that I’m a huge fan, but they were big when I was a teen, particularly for gay men, and it was fun to go to their concert, just a minuet’s walk from our room. On past cruises we’ve had Melissa Etheridge, and Cindy Lauper (you wouldn’t guess it, but she plays a mean dulcimer), and I’m sure I’m forgetting someone. It just seem rfamily does well for entertainment.


Mr. Fob said...

Wow. This is an historic moment. You actually do have a face.

(Love the fairies, by the way.)

playasinmar said...

So now Disney World is pestered by glowing fairies?

Kengo Biddles said...

Damn fairies. They should all be put on an island and nuked...oh, wait. ;)

Elbow said...

I don't care if Erasure is considered "out" ('out' meaning not in the popular demand), I'm still a fan and I would have loved to seen them in concert. Could your vacation get any better? I'm waiting for you guys to have stumbled upon a winning lottery ticket while in line for the tea cups.

Scot said...

"Damn fairies. They should all be put on an island and nuked...oh, wait. ;) "

I think there's already a protocol for those sort of fairies. One just needs to say they don't believe in them, and refrain from tingling bells, or something.

I'm waiting for you guys to have stumbled upon a winning lottery ticket while in line for the tea cups.

I left the lottery ticket story out?! Brian found it in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, though, not the tea cups. The tea cups tend to make me sick. :-)

Sean said...

now i wanna take my family on a rfamily cruse. 'specially if they have cool 80 groups entertaining.

btw, we had a the same type of fairy problems last year at Disneyland. I got an allergic reaction from the fairy dust and needed CPR, thankfully though, Prince Charming was readily availble gave the "kiss of live". [sigh] i should run into fairies more often. :-)

Paul said...

Wow. I go away for several weeks -- thinking about that new sand box -- and come back to find that you've really been away. And, you've outed yourself.

It's great to put a face to the conversation.

Now I just need time to read the whole travel log.