Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saints Sugar Hangover

Hope you all had a good Halloween.

Ours was a lot of fun; the boys were really into it this year, much more than any other. They actually wanted this year, from the start, to put on a costume, go to a stranger’s door, and threaten them for candy. It used to take some encouragement.

We spent the holiday with a Jedi and a space alien:

First we went to our annual neighborhood potluck dinner. I know I've said this before, but I can’t say enough about how great our neighborhood is. We’ve been here well over a year now and everyone has been terrific to our family, from the kids to the adults. Even the guy who gives the cold shoulder to most of the other neighbors for their more liberal LDS lifestyles is warm and congenial to us (maybe he just had very low expectations, easily outdone ;-)).

Then we, of course, went trick-or-treating.

The alien got a little tired, though, and asked for a ride. It didn't help that his eyes kept fogging up either.

I complied, of course. He had a laser gun.

Now, how to manage the two piles of tooth-rotting candy sitting at home that, by it’s volume, could only be described as obscene? Maybe Rob and I should eat it before the kids get home from school… maybe just the chocolate, you know, for the kid’s health.


javajones said...

How noble of you to be so considerate of the children's health, wanting to properly dispose of their excess candy. My husband hid the candy my two brought home last night. He hid it ostensibly from the children, but I can't find it either. But, ha ha ha, I quit handing out candy last night early enough so there is a good bit left. He doesn't know where that stash is. And I got some pretty good stuff to hand out-mostly chocolate. I'm no dummy. ;-)

Mr. Fob said...

I've eaten all sorts of candy in this past week in order to protect my children from its evils.

Paul said...

Aren't you supposed to take all the candy to work the day after Halloween, and claim that The Great Pumpkin must have taken it?

Scot said...

Javajones: “I quit handing out candy last night early enough so there is a good bit left.

Ah, yes, the third pile; you’ve got to protect them from that left over candy too. Thank goodness there are parents like us.

Mr. Fob:

Good man. I had one of our remaining Snickers for lunch yesterday, and one of the extra sugar cookies Rob made for our kid’s class. If he wasn’t so guarded over his recipes I’d share it. They’re so good. Anyway, I’m self-sacrificing that way.


That’s a good idea, and I don’t think they’d even mind. It’s funny; the kids don’t seem to care about the candy now. They’ve not asked for it. I guess the joy was in the hunt.