Monday, November 12, 2007

Not on a Writers Strike

No, I was just at a conference all last week. I'll not go into the details of the many power point slides I enjoyed/endured... oh, the exciting life of a science guy ;-). Maybe I'll write a post some time about writing for grants. Bait your breath.

It was fun though to, for the first time at one of these things, have my ego repeatedly stroked by folks addressing me as Doctor LAST-NAME-REDACTED, and nice to go to the social events and call everyone by their first name.

It was also interesting to listen to out of town colleagues talk about our great state. Seems Utah is a butt of jokes. Just before giving my presentation the room was going on about their trip to temple square and about the quaintness of our little city. I could literally see some of them blush when I took the podium and introduced myself as a local. It was one of those times I was happy to be assumed to be LDS again.


Paul said...

PowerPoint normally means: death by bullet points.

Do speakers (in the generic sense) not know that some of us are visual-learners?

iwonder said...

I love the word "redact". Its just so much fun to say.

Kengo Biddles said...

Your boys must get teased relentlessly at school for such a long and, frankly, strange last name.

Scot said...

PowerPoint normally means: death by bullet points.

Oh, Paul, the Power Point horrors I’ve witnessed!

Kengo: strange last name.

It’s Finnish. Don't make fun of my Finnish heritage.

Brady said...


I also took a week or so off because of school and being sick and stuff. Then I read about bloggers going on strike to support the WGA strike and realized that people might think I'm doing the same thing! I'm glad you weren't really either though.