Saturday, January 19, 2008

Frozen Desert

I suppose not many people see hiking in Moab as a good idea when the highs are in the mid 20’s, but look at this:

Beautiful, eh? Though the photos don’t do it justice.

(and no, clearly our dog was not built for such adventure, poor frozen thing)


Java said...

It looks spectacularly beautiful. I do worry about the pup, though. Does he/she have booties on? Cold, frozen ground like that is bad for their paws.
The boys are so bundled up it's hard to tell if they are enjoying themselves. Did they like it?

Scot said...

I’ll post a couple more photos and you can judge for yourself :-).

I’m grateful they both love to hike(/ice skate). They both talk about our trips down here for days in advance.

"I do worry about the pup, though. "

Yeah, he was okay until he decided to get a drink in the stream. But we were near the car and a warm bath set him right again.