Friday, January 25, 2008

My Brain, My Brian

This morning, at 5 AM, I awoke to my sweet little Brian snuggling up. We laid there and talked for a couple minuets before I got up, woke his brother, and fed them breakfast. I bathed them, got their cloths out and their backpacks ready, with all the care in the world. As I knelt down and began to tie Brian’s shoes, he reached over and patted the crown of my head.

Was he about to say something sweet, something to hit that Dad button deep in the core of my being? I love it when they just, out of the blue, say something like “Papa, I love you,” and I began smiling in anticipation.

After a moment of patting my head he finally said with amusement, “Papa, I can see your brain.”

“My brain?” I asked, oblivious.

“Yes, at the top of your head.”

It wasn’t the best way to learn my hair is thinning up there, but far from the worst :-).


Java said...

Absolutely adorable!!! One night when my oldest son Twitch was about 6 my husband was putting him to bed. The boy slept on the top bunk, and had a good view of the top of Superman's head. He looked at it for a moment, then said "Dad, you have a clearing." Twitch and I had been on a walk in the woods earlier that day and had come to a clearing, and I explained that an open space in an otherwise wooded area like this is called a clearing. So that's what he discovered on Daddy's head!

Paul said...

I can hear it now. "No, Brian, it is not polite to ask the fat lady if she has a baby in her tummy."

Scot said...

Java: "Dad, you have a clearing."

LOL, that's a pleasant euphemism for going bald.

Paul: we've already had to have the "You don't ask ladies their age" talk.

Sean said...

this is what we live for as parents....the love and adoration of our children...then to be told the truth in such a blunt, unstilted way which is full of love and compassion.

Scot said...

It's very good to see your font again, Sean. :-)