Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well the bill revoking Salt Lake City’s registry is out of committee. Read the article here.

Please, if you’re so inclined and are a citizen of Utah, call your representative and express your opposition to this bill (Bill SB267). You can find their contact info here. If you are in favor of this awful bill, your representative may be contacted telepathically. Give it a shot; it really works!

Seriously, this attack on our families is past ridiculous and has to stop. It is very damaging to many people, not merely gay people. If you want to get more involved there will be a rally tomorrow (Feb 13) at the capitol at 6 pm. If you're a regular at my blog and are going to come, let me know so we can put a face to the fonts :-).

Oy, and check out this picture.


You can just see the righteous and tough love right there in Buttar’s face, huh?


Kengo Biddles said...

I wish that closet-case Buttars would just drop dead. I'm embarrassed to know that such a person is a member of my faith.

Kengo Biddles said...

The caption from before the one you linked to in the slide show is: "Riverton Mayor Bill Applegarth tells the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Monday that he worries Salt Lake City's domestic-partner registry will spread to the suburbs."

Sorry for the double comment, but this was another one that made my blood boil... "that it will spread to the suburbs" {Evil Chords playing, duh-duh-DUUHHHH!!!!!!}

NOT THE SUBURBS! Save us from letting single parents take care of their aging parents! It's unconscionable! ANYTHING BUT THAT!

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

I think I'll come to the rally. People like this make we want to hurt someone (namely them).

Oy indeed. What sad, small-minded, pathetic people.

Jér said...

The thing that really frightens/angers these wingnuts is the idea that once something like this catches on, Utahns will realize that gay people and gay families are normal. That it's NOT A BIG DEAL. And then they'll either be out of a job or they'll have to find some other issue to obsess about.

Mar said...

If I was anywhere remotely nearby, I'd be there at the rally. Good luck to yas. Here's hoping and praying there's enough level-headed politicians in Utah's state government that will understand the damage such a bill causes and will have the moral fortitude to stand against this waste of taxpayer money otherwise called crafting legislation.

Peter said...

If I wasn't going to be at work, I would go to the rally tonight. Good luck!

Scot said...

Kengo "that it will spread to the suburbs" {Evil Chords playing, duh-duh-DUUHHHH!!!!!!}

Run for the foothills. We’re already in the suburbs attacking marriage (we somehow find time in between doing laundry, mowing our lawns, tucking our kids in bed, and paying our taxes ;-)).

We’ll see you there Craig.

Jer, I agree. Thankfully what he does shouldn’t ultimately be efficacious. If only Senator Buttars could find a way to make it illegal for our neighbors to interact with us and seeing, in person, how we live and why we should have equal treatment, he could stop it. Thank goodness he hasn’t that much power.

Thank you mar and Peter. You'll be there in spirit :-).

Chris said...

This makes me angry.

Scot said...

Let's do something about it.

And SB267 isn't half the story this session.