Sunday, February 10, 2008

Better Than Buttar

I was going to go off again on Buttar’s bill. Take a look at the article on it:

Bill targets Becker's new registry: Nongays, gays alike would be affected

It will be in committee tomorrow. If you have a representative in the Health committee, give them a call.

But I don’t feel like dwelling on it today. There’s only so much thinking on cruel men who feel righteous for the damage they do that I can take. I’ll just say, we watched Dune last night, and the baron Harkonen brought the senator to mind (Is that childish? Ah well, it gave Rob a good laugh :-)).

Instead, I think I’ll read from my kid’s journals. That always cheers me up. No worries, it’s a public journal they write in class, they love seeing their art on my blog, and what are they going to confess at 5? Contraction of cooties?

I think they really highlight the differences in our boys too. Here are a couple of my favorites:


The entry for this one was "I Like whales." If only whales were so cool.

I'm a sucker for any picture with me in it. (Note Mr. Fob: I'm not in pink.)

This is my favorite of Alan's. I regret not being so attentive to what falls out of the sky.
Whatever. A gold tooth!? Can you imagin? I'm sorry Alan; I'd rather you got a tatoo.

I love to know he'll hold me to my Spring project.

Now here's some of Brian's (it took me a while to find some that weren't just a list of the people he "Luvs", which is fine by me):

Okay, so we lost Wolfie, his favorite stuffed animal. This was as traumatic as the death of Whaley. So I ordered a new one, apparently on the

But then we found Wolfie the very next day.

Still, he waited patiently for the new Wolfie, Wolfie 2 (Wolfie 1's brother). That's Brian waiting at the door for three days... no no yes! When the new Wolfie got there all the other animals had another party.
I loved this one; he imagines his stuffed animals helping his dad out. FYI, our home isn't that messy. Really.

This says his animals all graduated from college today... I'm just glad I got my PhD before they did.

Ah, I feel better now, don't you? :-)


Potentate said...

Awwwww . . . that's so cute.

Paul said...

Yes, I do.

Sometimes (for a fleeting moment here and there) I feel all is right with the world.

Mr. Fob said...

Sure, you pick the one picture where you're not wearing pink...

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

I love tree houses! eh? That's pretty impressive for a 5 year old to be that computer savvy.

Did they get their PhD, Bachelor's or Master's? And in what fields?

Kengo Biddles said...

I still think you're wearing pink. I'm betting you hid the pink crayon, so green was the next closest choice.


Thanks for this beautiful vignette of your family life. :)

Scot said...

Thank you Potentate (I love your alias :-))

I know what you mean Paul. I have to hold on to those moments when out legislature in session.

Pff, Mr. Fob/Kengo, I’m going to have to post pictures of my closet. It’s only maybe 67% pink. The rest of my pants, shirts, and evening gowns are all in very manly hues.

Did they get their PhD, Bachelor's or Master's? And in what fields?

I asked this morning and they got their PhDs, and, of course, in the field their grandpa Scot got his :-).

It’s a bit off putting though to have to address his toys as, for example, Doctor Wolfie and Doctor Cozy. I worked hard for that honor; I didn’t just get it from some degree mill in my kid’s closet!

Java said...

Methinks Brian is a very sensitive soul. Alan has a vivid imagination.
And yes, these are much better than Buttar.

Scot said...

You got that right Java. Our boys are so different; I'm amazed daily.