Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Guv and GSAs

Yesterday was a good day. I helped put on a nice bridge building community event (no, not a gay community thing; I do have other interests you know :-)). I got a well-framed letter from my Mayor, and, consequently, got to meet and talk a slight bit with the Governor…

It was a busy day, so busy that I didn’t have time to read the paper in the morning.

I got home to read the headline:

Guv OKs gay-club curbs

It’s odd; as I was reading I was downloading the photos from the day and there was my family with the man who just signed this bill, his arm around R. He was very friendly, and he has struck me as a good man. He still does. It’s just sad, to feel people of good conscience are on both sides of something like this. But I must also feel it as a source of hope.

It’s just much easier to just demonize the other side as cruel jerks ;-). You know, if they do shake your hand and show friendliness, it's just to hide their insults and plotting. But I know, for a good part, that's far from true. While there are some politicians I do think are malicious and for whom I don't feel so hopeful, our Governor isn't one of them, darn it :-).

Regardless, many kids, and not only the gay kids, would and do benefit by such support, and this bill will threaten that, but the beliefs and the politics are what they are. At least it seems, after the Utah taxpayer spends a good deal defending this bill when the next GSA is excluded, the clubs may stay regardless (though, I’m not sure how much I’d bet on it).

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