Sunday, May 13, 2007

If You Can’t Stand Cute… away.

We got the boys a puppy last Thursday. No, unfortunately, we’ve not had much canine luck lately, but I’ve a good feeling about this one. And who wouldn’t? He’s cute enough to thwart any coyote or story I don’t want to get into.

Now, I wish I felt comfortable enough to post photos of our boys. Those around here who’ve seen them may freely testify to their record breaking adorableness :-). And, of those families I’ve seen from these parts, I’d certainly return the favor. Either it’s gay men or those with Mormon culture in their background, but it seems we raise some abnormally cute kids :-).

But I’ll show our dog; he’s safely outside that circle of internet worries.

That’s him right there sleeping on my desk [forgive me as I trail off into indecipherable baby talk].

He’s part shit tzu and the other part is in dispute (I just hope it’s not something like poodle for fear of the not-so-cute hyphenation). The boys were so excited and can’t get enough of him… Us, well, I’m reminded a bit of those vague first couple months of our boy’s life. We’ve been up twice every night to let him out and I’m sleepy, but the look in their eyes when he’s clumsily chasing them around the kitchen makes it worth puppy care… If only they were old enough that he could sleep in their room and they could be responcible for him (they're too young still; yesterday I was asked if it's okay to eat toilet papper).

Lastly, in looking at the photos I took yesterday I see one where he bears a remarkable resemblance to one of our fellow bloggers. See:

Anyway, this post is kind of light; may as well bring up what may seem to be the obvious for our family. Mothers Day. Answers to the typical questions:

No, neither of us gets a card today; we both take father’s day :-).

Of course we celebrate it.

Yes, we make a big deal of Mother’s Day. In fact Rob is preparing a huge dinner right now, as a large chunk of family will be coming over. We see this day as a great opportunity to thank and honor the many wonderful women and mothers in our family's life. And we’ve been sure to and are fortunate to have many to thank today.

No, it’s never brought up a tough or even uncomfortable question from our boys. Even I'm a bit surprised at that.

It’s funny how things I’ve noticed a lot of outsiders imagine to be big complicated issues for our home are only big and complicated from the outside. From in here, it seems pretty simple to the lot of us. I bet if most anyone really imagined their family, the particular people and relationships, in a similar situation they would understand why.

Anyway, Happy Mother’s day to all you moms, and, again, isn’t our puppy the cutest?


playasinmar said...

Dog needs name! Or at least a blog name... Kelvin. that's just my suggestion. :)

Sean said...

definately too cute for coyotes or other such things.

Scot said...

"Dog needs name! Or at least a blog name... Kelvin. that's just my suggestion. :) "

Of course! He does need an interned name. But I find it too spooky you'd say Kelvin as that was one of my few suggestions, no joke! Are you listening in on my thoughts? Maybe I need to make adjustments to my tinfoil hat.

Anyway, no, after some time getting to know him, I think here I will call him:

Ultima, Destroyer of Worlds and Shoelaces, Dampener of Carpets, Soiler of the Sacred Hall, and Disturber of Sleep

All praise the puffy, needle-toothed, and ever adowable Ultima.

Sean said...

dude, its the tin foil. you need a better brand. Dont go generic, the the DOD through the NSA have been known to penitrate generic tin foil. the tin quailites are less than amerable.

-L- said...

I love Kelvin, as a name.

Plus, I realize it's not a contest or anything, but your dog very nearly rivals mine in cuteness. ;-)

playasinmar said...

I'm glad to see you finally got Ultima online!

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) check out that emo boy one on this blog: