Tuesday, May 08, 2007


A heads-up: Next weekend, This American Life will be spending its hour looking at the decision of the American Psychiatric Association to take us gay folks off the crazy list, at least for being gay ;-). It sounds like it’ll be an interesting tale:

“Part one of Alix's story details the activities of a closeted group of gay psychiatrists within the APA who met in secret and called themselves the GAYPA ... and another, even more secret group of gay psychiatrists among the political echelons of the APA.”

“Alix Spiegel's story continues, with a man dressed in a Nixon mask called Dr. Anonymous, and a pivotal encounter in a Hawaiian bar.”

Should make for some lively discussion.

If you miss it, they usually come up on podcast by the following Monday, if not sooner. Again, one could find it here.


Kengo Biddles said...

The Nixon mask is what's cinched it for me!

(Psst...scot, there's a typo in your first sentence...)

Scot said...

Whatever do you mean? ;-)

And not only a Nixon mask but, by the audio preview, a “modified” Nixon mask.