Monday, May 21, 2007

Fanboy, The Ubergay and His Powers

Okay, off any important topic, I’ve really come to enjoy the show Heroes. Rob and I have watched it from the start, as well as a couple fellow bloggers, and tonight is the season finally. So, will Peter explode?! Will Sylar explode?! Will Hiro stop him?.. Or explode? Will Sulu come out… regarding his secret super power?! Does it have anything to do with flames?

We don’t allow much time to get involved in shows; we typically only follow a couple per season. Being so limited, Heroes easily took the place of 24 last year. I find it greatly entertaining, and will be sad to see it take a break (but glad to see there’s a spinoff in the works too).

If there’s one complaint it’d be that they keep killing characters I want to see more of: the waitress who remembers everything, the mechanic with super hearing. At least Peter is getting less whiney and Hiro or Nicky alone would make the show worth it ([geek mode]Though, why didn’t Hiro teleport during combat in the episode 5 years into the future? That would have been so cool. And, while I'm asking questions, why couldn't "the Haitian" stop Ted from blowing up in Clair's home? [/geek mode]).

You know though, maybe this is a relevant topic. It's been hit on before. One cannot miss the intentional parallels with being gay and coming out in, say, the X-men movies. Yeah, I know, it’s so sad that you can fly and all… Heroes is similar in many regards (copyright similar?). No, gay men aren’t flying around in tights. But they often have secret identities and there are some associated “powers”. Like uhh:

Adaptive Camouflage—The ability to pass as “one of them” and “one of us” by the flick of a wrist and a twist of the tongue. Some individuals in other minority groups say they’d want this power, but it can be a mixed bag. In some ways it’s better to have your superhero identity forced into the open, dealt with and done; in other ways, though, it’s undeniably useful to pass. I guess it’s the sort of power you’d not want to abuse.

Outsider vision—The ability to better see your culture from both the inside and out. Many of us don’t realize we’re gay early on and we all receive the same training into our teens as the average. But once the difference is realized and we decide to not suppress and hide we are often kicked out of the norm and given another perspective. This too, of course, is a mixed bag. On one hand we are forced to find the actual value in stuff like marriage for ourselves without it being assumed into us. On the other hand, without the assumptions and without being a full member of the surrounding culture, some become self-destructive. For the latter sort of gays, it’s probably best to never try on the tights.

Improved empathic ability—As I’ve said before, I sometime worry about the person I’d be if I was not, here and there, treated like a pariah, an evil outsider. At the time it hurts, but it teaches a lesson. I was a moralizing and strict child, firmly certain I had Truth in my beliefs, and that changed. Not that I’m a bastion of understanding and empathy now—I know I’ve my judgmental streak—but I also know I would be worse if not for the way I’ve been treated for being gay. I count that as a blessing.

Gay Powers I Don’t Have—As I’ve said before, I’m weak in the many gay skills, listed here. I mean, at least give me a preternatural fashion sense or the amazing dancing ability, or any rhythm. But no, I’m just gay. Fine. Whatever.

Finally, I suppose every superhero should have a weakness too, a kryptonite to your superman. Let’s see… mine would be…. cilantro. Yes cilantro, the weed that tastes like aluminum foil (I’d imagine). I cower at the sight of it sprinkled on anything from salsa to tandoori chicken; my powers just wither.

Please don’t let that secret out.


playasinmar said...

I used my powers to summon a DVR and now I never have to choose between Heroes and 24!

Edgy said...

I love Heroes!! Lots and lots and lots. Not to be flippant or anything, but what upset me most about the Trolley Square massacre (at the time) was that it pre-empted Heroes with news coverage that didn't really cover anything.

I want to wax philosophical here about the amazing social relevance of Heroes, but I'm not sure I could do it coherently just yet because I just Love. It. So. Much.

The Hidden Mind said...
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sean said...
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sean said...

UnHoly Cilantro, Batman! That nouseous weed is in everthing! and there's nothing that covers up that awful taste either!

somebody save us from the Cilantro. It's killing some of us!

as for Heroes...well you know my love affair with that show. only a few more hours til airtime. i wish i had hiro's powers then i could watch it then jump ahead to next season and watch them too.

Scot said...

playasinmar: I used my powers to summon a DVR and now I never have to choose between Heroes and 24!

We’ve a DVR; that’s the only way we can watch any tv :-). But it’s a matter of the limited time between putting the boys to bed and being too tired ourselves. We can’t watch such when they’re awake; I don’t want them to mimic Jack Bower “getting answers” or Sylar becoming “special” at school.

Sean: and there's nothing that covers up that awful taste either!

I’m so glad someone feels the same. I thought I was a freak with mutant taste buds or something. Rob loves the stuff, but it tastes so metallic to me.

Paul said...

Gay Powers - I really don't think I believe in them.

They're only assigned/imagined by others. And adopted/attempted by a few.

Scot said...

You better watch it Paul. Doubt my powers, will you. I neglected to mention, as do all gays, I also have the power to make it so you’ll never be able to distinguish between black and dark blue ever again. Don’t tempt me.