Monday, December 03, 2007


I know I said I’d take a break, for Paul :-), but this post will have no comment-worthy material. It’s just; it was a great weekend.

We got our tree up on Friday. On Saturday we had a big snowstorm, and we took that as the sign to stay home and decorate. The kids worked on the bottom 4 ft of the tree while Rob and I put on the lights. Then, once the bottom was overburdened, I took them out to play in the new snow while Rob finished up.
It’s funny how some of the best feelings of your childhood get lost in places from which only your children can retrieve them. Anybody else remember this feeling?
Falling back into that tempting cushion of fresh snow, soon to be an angel… Or this one:
Slipping on a trampoline with the weight of a foot of powder jumping with you… Or this one:
The perfect quiet you seem to only find now in the dampening effects in a mass of snow covered trees.

Oh, and what about this one, poor guy:
Here, that deserves a closer look:
Ain’t he cute? Okay, not as cute as when he was a pup, but the spheres of snow firmly packed into his fur help.

Then, that night, we had our formal family party, where it’s just my parents and my siblings (the big one, with all the grandkids, is later in the month). Though, with some, we do indeed have our differences, I do love my siblings and enjoy being around them.

Finally, this may sound odd and crude, and it is, but it was a good, unexpected cap to the weekend. At Sunday family dinner my dad taped a… umm… remote controlled flatulence sound producer to the bottom of my niece’s chair, and gave the remote to our Allan, who, amazingly, didn’t let us on to the joke, and held off tripping it until she was well into her meal. My sophomoric sides were hurting... You had to be there, I guess. We're quite different, but I love my dad's humor.

Also good, there’s no sign of coyote in the snow this morning at our place, yet. Though, at my parents, we could see where two of them were following a deer; Ultima, you’re safe for now.


Paul said...

You tell me that dog enjoys the snow and I'll think you're crazy.

playasinmar said...

If tht second Ultima pic was any bigger I'd have new desktop wallpaper.

[əɪ̯ wʌndɹ̟] said...

That's a beautiful tree. I'm jealous.

I'm also jealous of the trampoline. I want one.

And your kid(s) is/are way cute.

I've said that before, but I'm sure it bears repeating.

Scot said...

Paul: You tell me that dog enjoys the snow and I'll think you're crazy.

Call me crazy, but he wasn’t begging to come in. I’d post the video of him bunny hopping through the deep powder or walking bull legged with his belly compacted with those snow balls, but that’s beyond the recommended saccharin content of this blog.

Playasinmar, you want a copy? :-)

Curious collection of symbols that used to be iwonder: That's a beautiful tree. I'm jealous.

I’ll tell Rob you complimented the tree. It’s his project each year, and we just follow his direction. This year, it seams the theme is citrus fruit… fruit [sigh].