Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moabite Wedding

Yet again, we just got back, this time from Moab. Seems we're spending most of this month out of town. We had Rob's cousin's wedding to attend. Like our Helper trip, this was with the side of Rob's family this time that are mostly Gentiles. That, I suppose, should go without saying, as we were invited to the wedding :-) and not just the reception, which is, for those unfamiliar with my cultur's ways, what happens if you're a non-LDS family member and it's a LDS wedding.

We got there a day early so that we could hike a bit and play before insisting the boys keep their dress clothes clean.Those pictures were taken in Moab's Millcreek canyon. When we're there in the heat of summer it's one of our favorite hikes, one I'd recommend. We just park the car and walk up the cool stream instead of a trail.

At the rehearsal dinner Brian battled his cousin, Darth Vader. See, I told you they're heathens like us.
For the wedding Rob, once again, helped with the flowers. Poor guy, he's now got a reputation for being good at it in both families and so upholds another stereotype. But I don't care; at weddings I'm one of the first to get watery in the eyes... for the allergies, you know.

I do love a wedding. The whole idea behind public vows and watching them take hold in front of friends and family, young and old chokes me up and easily. I appreciate every chance we get to take our boys to them. Much, in fact, of the next generation in my family are now getting married, and we go to a reception about once a month it seems. I only wish my family could be invited to more of the weddings.

Still, as I was reminded with our Helper trip, we are rich in family of all sorts, even with the faith-based divisions. It's just been nice to spend the last couple weekends after our legal marriage with family who greeted the news with jubilant congratulations instead of a thought of how to possibly change the conversation before it got to Proposition 8 :-).

We'll be spending next weekend with that less jubilant part of the family, but, really, I'm looking forward to it and am more concerned about school starting for the boys soon. First Grade! I can't imagine where the time since their birth has gone so quickly.


MohoInTx said...

I loved driving through Moab! I really want to check that area out more some time.

Java said...

First grade already?? Wow. Good luck, Papa. They will probably do fine. It's the parents who struggle.

Glad you got to be included as a real family member in this celebration. Just reading about a good wedding can make me tear up. It really is special.

I'm not too familiar with the LDS ways. So those not in the church are considered Gentiles? What about those who have been expelled (or whatever term they use) because of alleged sinful behavior? Do you become Gentiles, or does on have to be born a Gentile?

The hiking and the stream look cool and fun. :)

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Yeah, I always have much more fun and feel more comfortable around my non-Mormon/non-practising family as well.

Scot said...

"I really want to check that area out more some time."

Tell me if you're ever back there. We have some great favorite spots.

Java "So those not in the church are considered Gentiles? What about those who have been expelled (or whatever term they use) because of alleged sinful behavior?"

From the way I've heard it used, everyone not originally LDS is a "Gentile"... Technically then I think I'm what some around here will call, with a tone similar to how characters in a Harry Potter book discuss Voldemort, an "Apostate", because I left. But heck, I'm an apostate for a handful of religions and we've seen no plague of locusts from any of them... yet (though, we are having a hard time growing a good tomato in our garden...)

Craig: More fun, yes.

I don't want to give the impression I've stopped enjoying the other part of our family at all, though (heck, they might read this ;-)). Yes, there's that growing divide in the way, and their uncomfortable stumbling in any conversation that includes the most important people in my life. It does suck, but they're still family. I can love the sinner too :-), and I hope we make it through next weekend without a fight.