Wednesday, January 17, 2007

If You Need Someone To Pity…

…pity our grandchildren.

For about a year now our B has been planning his children. I know, too soon :-). But it’s adorable. We have DVDs I’ve put together of each 6 months of their lives, and they love them, and one of B’s favorite parts is the part where we give them their names and I suppose that’s where his interest originates. Anyway, while I’d not post my kids’ names online, I feel pretty safe giving my eventual grandkids’ names:

B’s 1st iteration (from about a year ago):
Three children with the names:
1. Ivanhoe
2. Shaday
and, finally:
3. Lumpy.

Poor, poor, Lumpy... You think you’d be grateful to not be named Ivanhoe or even Shaday, but then you get hit with Lumpy (is that a girl’s or a boy’s name?). And I'm still stumped at where he could have heard Ivanhoe.

2nd Iteration (from about 6 months ago):
Two children:
1. Shawday
2. Treehoe

Treehoe... better than Lumpy?

Finally he’s come to:
Two children:
1. A (His brother’s name, and, yes, that made me all warm and happy but…)
2. Mace Windu

Certainly, he’s improving in his baby naming skills, but will he improve to a tolerable level soon enough?! These are my grandkids!

But I’m in the land of quirky names here in Utah; maybe a Treehoe or a Mace would go over relatively smoothly.

Then there’s A who doesn’t give this stuff much thought, but last night he informed us that he was going to make his children wear clothes made of wolf fur. He concedes that may be uncomfortable but tells us if the children ask to wear chicken ‘fur’ instead (presumably he feels that would be more comfortable?), he’d not let them. Why only the two choices? Beats me.

Honestly, a good measure of the joy of parenting is in the detective work of trying to find out how such ideas form in those little heads.

And sure, I’ll soon get back to somewhat serious topics, but I needed a break :-).


Beck said...

Good chuckle! Thanks!

I have two daughters who each hate their middle name, but like the middle name of the other. One day they decided to switch. So now when we introduce our youngest to someone and mention her middle name, she instantly corrects us and says she traded with her sister and when were we (her parents) going to catch up! Golly gee!

Gay LDS Actor said...

Very funny. Thanks for sharing.