Saturday, January 13, 2007

Poorly Directed Marketing

On a postcard in our mail today:

You’ve been selected to receive
a special student discount on
PLAYBOY for under $1 an issue,
Plus a FREE DVD!

Well, I’ve no chance of taking advantage of this very special offer; does anyone else around here want it?…

Yeah, I didn’t think so.


-L- said...

Maybe I can use it for my porn therapy to turn me straight. Better send it on over.

Kengo Biddles said...

That's awesome! Good job playboy marketers...not only did it NOT go to a college student, it went to SCOT! (They'd get at least ONE right if they sent that to _me_). You should frame it and title it "misdirected mail or something like that."

Scot said...

Some of the spam I’ve received is better. For example one with the subject “Homosexual Lesbians Doing It!!!”. Not only 100% uninteresting to my orientation but redundant to boot. I remember another that was: “Are you gay and don’t know it?” I didn't think I needed to click the link and check. I'm pretty sure.

And I’ll send that right over, L ;-).