Saturday, April 26, 2008


I’ve a bad cold, one Rob brought me home from Moab, but I got out today to attend the county convention. There, simply the party votes for whom the rest of the population will vote in the next election.

This is my 5th year as a delegate and I’m beginning to feel much more comfortable with the process, as ugly as it may sometimes seem. I vet my candidates early, wade through all their political non-answers, and push when I can. How does even a state rep candidate learn all those rhetorical tricks so early… “I can’t say until I see the bill” (translation: I will vote against you.) “I would not oppose such a bill” (translation: I would not support such a bill) “I think everyone should have equal rights” (translation: I think you want special rights)… I’m exhausted :-).

Anyway, I won’t have this person as my representative again, but might as my senator… and to boot, I’ve decided to get involved in their campaign, though there is still that bad blood between us. Utah needs to at least have some balance of power in a minority in the senate able to filibuster. On the up side, the person I wanted for my representative won. She’ll not be too supportive of our issues, but she’s right on many others, was the most organized, and there’s still time to try to convince her when she’ll in need of help and willing to listen ;-), which is more than we have now.

Being gay in this state, in this district is politically complicated. If they aren’t the type to full on say they think you’re the devil’s bff, out to make Salt Lake into Sodom’s sister city, they’re often very hard to pin down on gay issues. It’s about reading people, divining out the real answers muffled behind the pc language. I hope/think I’m getting good at reading the face of a candidate while I explain our family and our issues. Sometimes it’s been as blatant as a hand in my face while backing away; other times I was sure I had a friend and ally with all those handshakes and assurances, only to be proven wrong. We’ll see.

Eh, if any of them lied to me today, may they get this cold from all that glad-handing.


Sean said...

I cannot emphasis enough that politics isn't a science it's an art form. It is the art of reading people, measuring their words to reality of the individual and finally listening to the gut.

I now bistow apon you your Ph.D in Policial BS. Congratulations!! Now go conquor the world (well, ok the Utah delegates). Believe me real policial issues are best delt with locally. Dont be afraid to call on others in our community to help with issues and letter writing. Which leads me to point out - hand written letters carry more punch than typed letter. Email and telephoning a rep should be avoided at all cost. Only call if you have the rep as a person in the pocket.

sorry, the PolySci freak that I am cant help but lecture.

lots of love.

oh, and drink lots of tea, preferably peppermint (its a great natural antibiotic)- and helps get ride of colds.

Sean said...

oops, i forgot to say that I think you mastered the Art of Poltics :)

elbow said...

You'll always have my vote :)

Dave said...

Hopefully my dad will win his state legislature position to help with that fillibuster problem...he's running as a Democrat in Utah County!

Scot said...

Sean: "I now bistow apon you your Ph.D in Policial BS. Congratulations!! "

It's not a degree I'm proud of ;-).

And thank you; I'm feeling better. Rob makes this ginger tea he used to drink while on his mission in Korea and it really helps.

Elbow: "You'll always have my vote :)"

There's one, maybe I should run next time ;-).

Dave: "he's running as a Democrat in Utah County!"

Pff, everyone up here in Salt Lake knows that the Utah County Democrat is just a mythical creature made up to scare little children, like a bigfoot or a Dick Cheney. Still, if they do exist, I hope your dad wins!