Friday, April 11, 2008

Soft Opening,

Have you ever wanted an exciting career in activism?

Are you sick of The Man beating you down?

Ever felt like you need more people in your life to argue with?

Now you can finally do something about it!!!

Remember, I wrote (back in 2006!!!), that “in a couple months” I’d be making my blog a more personal space, and getting involved in a more activist-y site, to satisfy some conflicting drives? Well I did, see.

Now, after putting it off for many moons, it’s about a moon or so away. I think, though, we’ll have a soft opening of the site, now, exclusively for a small and elite group of individuals and friends (that’s you, blog reader).

I’d given up on the idea, until I was asked about it by those interested in helping; so you’ll notice some familiar faces there, in the construction. And we’re always in need of more help. If what we’re about is your cup of tea, hop on.

Okay, and I’ve also noticed folks from here wandering about there (How’d you find it?...). May as well at least get their input, eh?

A couple warnings… The site is far from finished; go there expecting errors and annoyances. It's not ready to be linked to, or for a public viewing larger than this post can give. In fact, most of the meaty content is on a hard drive, waiting for the programming for the library to be finished before it’s edited and posted. You will hit dead ends and missing content, and we’ve not rigorously tested even what is there yet (specifically, don’t try to add library content without a password yet; you'll be sorry...).

By this, though, I hope you can point out some of the bugs, and make suggestions on the design and such; the basic layout is there… or maybe you can just keep us company in the forum until it launches? You can see what we need most here. I’d appreciate any help to speed things up, by comments here or by comments in the forum (there’s a special place for such, here), or simply by email.

So take advantage of this special offer, and so on. And thanks, to any who help and those already part of the effort.


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

As one of Scot's little minions on this project, I highly encourage you all to check it out. Its going to be awesome!

Paul said...


What are "Misc. Internet Toys?" I see you haven't linked the content yet.

Java said...

I feel like I'm walking around a construction site, peeking into nooks and cranies that might have some finished bits, clues to what the completed project will look like. It is exciting. It looks like it will be a very useful resource.

Scot said...

Craig, hey, you're no minion; you're Editor in Chief, Corrector of Spelling, Defender of the English language (as spoken up north). :-)

"What are "Misc. Internet Toys?" I see you haven't linked the content yet."

I've been wonder how best to classify that, but it's long down the todo list.

In the author's section, most anything off topic goes. Here I was going to put some javascripts I had written for my last site that drew a lot of traffic. It's kind of hard to explain without them posted, but it's stuff somewhat like those quizzes that tell you who you're supposed to vote, but most of mine are sciency/skeptical stuff.

Java: "I feel like I'm walking around a construction site, "

Watch for the exposed rebar :-)

and thank you for the correction you sent in (the fix form must work then...). It should have been "isocrat". Isocreat is the name of our to be revealed line of cement products (yes, I know… crete, but…).