Tuesday, July 01, 2008


A little break from the serious. I always need at least one.

A couple days ago our boys discovered the magic of Ctrl-P. To date they've gone through a small grove of trees in paper, and I've put a stop to it. It was hard though; I loved finding the little, and often mysterious notes about the house.

Here's a couple examples, punctuation and spelling intact. Maybe you can translate (each represents a paper... or more; they don't do conservation):

Brian and Alan are the best kids.

Brian likes kung fu!

Alan likes monsters!

No way crazy Jay!!!


[FYI, Brian manages the lives of 26 stuffed animals; they live in his closet and have many adventures]

Once upon a time... there were 26 animals!

They were so cute and cuddly! But they miss
There parents. And the fresh air.

what did they do? They went back home.

the end


Once upon a time there were 10 mean and cuddly animals.
And 26 nice and cuddly animals! this is a show.

time: 11:00
when: tomorrow night


Once upon a time, There were 26 animals

they were very pore. And didn't have any food.

They met a man! He had change and food!

they were happy!


When I Grow up I am to make a video Game!

called Wolfeys monsters Adventure!

[Wolfey is his favorite stuffed animal]


I love you papa you are the best I love sitting by you


See. How could I be mad? :-)

He loved sitting by me, Alan said, while at Wall-e, which I must recommend. By far the best post-apocalyptic movie I've ever seen. I think it also had the best performance by a cockroach to date.

PS You may think there's an overabundance of exclamation marks in Brian's writings, but, thinking on it, that's how he speaks, often enthusiastic :-).


Paul said...

I don't even think I knew about exclamation marks at that age.

But I love his enthusiasm!

Mr. Fob said...

Mother Earth weeps.

Mr. Fob said...

(Oh, and S-Boogie has also learned how to print--or when the printer is not connected, to send jobs to the queue. The other day I switched the printer cable from Foxy's laptop to my desktop, where S-Boogie had been playing PBSKids games earlier, and two Teletubbies coloring sheets shot out of the printer before I could figure out what was going on.)

Scot said...

"I don't even think I knew about exclamation marks at that age."

You know? Me neither. They move so quickly in school nowadays.

"or when the printer is not connected, to send jobs to the queue."

That's another problem. If it doesn't print right away they'll print like 5 more until they see it come out. Then I've got 6 papers with "no way crazy jay!!" on it.

Still, that's better than two Teletubbies, in both ink used and mental distress.