Monday, July 07, 2008


We had a fine 4th of July weekend. We spend the morning at the pool. It's the same pool party I've gone to every year of my life, and it is wonderful to see the boys enjoy the games and festivities as I did. Apparently, they're completely over their fear of the diving board:
Brian even found the silver dollar in the money toss:
And Allan, he just had fun alternating between stealing my or his grandpa's hat.
That night, along with my parents and a sister, we had friends over, another pair of dads and their children. Their daughter told me she's going to marry Brian but she doesn't know why because "he's so crazy sometimes." It was so cute; they sat and watched the fireworks hand in hand.

Then Saturday we took a hike up to Lake Marry:
It was a great weekend, but for one thing. Every hiker we passed and said hi to, there was that thought in the back of my mind, "Do they also want our boys to be entitled to different parents? Are they paying their church to help annul our rights and responsibilities? Are they on board with the harm that will be done to us and many others?" Unhealthy, I know, and, for some people, unfair. I don't much like that feeling, feeling like I can't just say hi to a stranger in this town and approach and leave feeling like we've both given the other equal standing, like we've both agreed to respect each other's family, and rights. At least it's fleeting and gone as soon as a kid slips in the mud or makes an adorable observation.


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Wow, that's really beautiful. Where is that lake?

MoHoHawaii said...

I had a similar experience this weekend. My man and I spent the weekend in Sonoma County, CA. Since it was a holiday weekend, we encountered a lot of people on the street, in parks, on the beach, watching fireworks, etc. I found myself looking at their faces and involuntarily wondering "Will you vote to annul my relationship?".

It's a weird feeling.

(P.S. Your kids are adorable.)

Scot said...


It starts at Brighton Ski Resort (the trail is clearly marked). Good short hike, particularly with 5-year-olds tagging along.


(P.S. Your kids are adorable.)

Yes, yes they are. :-)