Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm a Sucker for... I feel hokey just writing that, but I am. State Fair, County Fair, Gay Pride, Cinco de Mayo. I'll try to take my family to all of them; I'm not picky. I love every award winning pig, pie eating contest, every pandering local politician, and candy tossing beauty queen; yes, the girl queens too. Rob, well, not so much.

I wonder a bit if my love of such isn't a reaction to that push of my culture for us to be outsiders, others. I guess that could be part of it, but certainly that doesn't explain every bit of the joy I find in, say, a life-sized butter sculpture. I find a lot of pleasant peace in just milling around with my neighbors, everyone relaxed, and celebrating as a community.

On the 24th, our neighborhood has a parade that consists mainly of kids with decorated bikes, and politicians in vintage cars. It's a great event for us. We waved through the heat in the parade, and the kids ate the candy as fast as it was thrown:
We then played at the little fair they had in a grass field next to a local elementary school until it was time for fireworks.

Is there anything like laying on your back on the grass waiting for fireworks to start?

Anyway, welcome to the valley Brigham. Here's to the day when such feelings of community in Utah are there every day for every family.


Java said...

Here, here!
I love that picture of your son's profile in the light of the fireworks.

Scot said...

Thanks java.

I just remembered, for the non-Utahans, I should probably say that the 24th is our Pioneer Day. It's bigger than the 4th around here.

MohoInTx said...

That's right! I forgot it was Pioneer Day. It sounds like you guys had fun :)

Beck said...

I love fireworks. I'm a sucker for the community gathering on a blanket on the lawn on a summer's night - especially on the 24th. Having lived near Liberty Park, we were the focal point of extended families to come and participate in this ritual of community gathering in our yard. I miss it!