Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm Not an Unteachable Curmudgeon, Yet

I can learn new things. See, I just learned how to use the you tubes. Who knows what I'll use such for, but it's popular enough that there must be something to it, right? I put my first test video up:

I picked it for a test because it was the first favorite home video I recognized, no offense meant to the rest of my family that it only features Brian. It's from about 4 years ago, hard to believe. Brian was both in love with and in fear of that jack in the box. I love how he keeps making excuses to delay the jolt: "you do it" "I'm playing with my choo-choo", "I'm doing it slow... Slooooow." Not to mention my little squeal at the end there :-). And, what's best, when that long trek is over he wants to go again.

Yesterday we were at Wheeler Farm and they usually have a haunted house there each Fall. This video makes me wish the boys were old enough for such fear/fun mixing this year. Eh, what is the age kids start going to haunted houses?

Anyway, good for me for not yet being left behind in technology :-).


[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

That's really funny and unbelievably cute.

How scary is the haunted house? I'm not sure there is a set proper age for haunted house visiting.

Maybe ask your parents?

Mr. Fob said...

The buildup was almost too suspenseful for me.

On another note, do you know your child is wearing the American flag on his rear? Just wondering.

MohoInTx said...


That was intense.

Marlo said...

too terribly cute. loved it.

Scot said...

"Maybe ask your parents?"

Mr. and Mrs. Permissive Grandparent? No way; they'll let our boys do anything they want and let us deal with the sugar highs and nightmares.

I think I may call Wheeler Farm; IIRC it's one of the tamer haunted houses.

"On another note, do you know your child is wearing the American flag on his rear?"

If you ask Brain, he'll tell you he's an Obama fan too. Coincidence?

"That was intense."

"too terribly cute. loved it."

The great thing is that he did that for weeks with the same excitement and hesitation. I have like 5 video of it.