Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tying Up Loose Ends

1. Monsters:

A while ago I mentioned our monster infestation and got some advice. Fortunately, they seem to have migrated south for the winter. Thanks for the advice, those who gave it. We tried the smelly monster spray and keeping dog in Allan's room and that helped but he just soon stopped worrying about it altogether and suddenly I get to sleep without a small foot sticking in my ribs, now every night. I still lay with him for about a half hour each night as he goes to sleep, but it's more out of habit now than his fear of the dark. Last night he even told me to leave his night light off. Brave boy.

Now if I could just get Senator Buttars out from under my bed.

2. Implicit Association Tests:

Remember those? These are the tests put together by a Harvard researcher where, supposedly, your subconscious reaction to people and groups can be measured. I think I said I'd plot all those graphs to see where the subconscious biases rank.

Seems gays, the overweight, and those with dark skin all rank about the same, showing a significant bias against them in these tests. There is slightly less bias found towards Arabs and the disabled, and, interestingly, there's some slightly positive association with Judaism (but that was comparing Judaism to a couple other religions. I'm sure the majority in the US, being Christian, are more comfortable with the Old Testament than the 6-armed Dancing Shiva).

I took one more test there today for the Obama/McCain category. It didn't have a graph of the bulk results., but my result:

"You show a slight automatic preference for Obama..."

At least my subconscious is voting the same way my consciousness will most likely be voting. If only they each got a ballot.

3. Going to Jail.

Well, this has been more complicated than it seemed and it seemed complicated. I can't get too much into it; on the up side we were able to help the sheriff's office with their training program, but mainly regarding the Muslim community, and that is nothing to shake a stick at (is that the saying, shake a stick?).


Kengo Biddles said...


I'm not sure I'm reading the graphs right...

But I'm glad to hear that Allan's not worried about the monsters anymore.

Scot said...

Thanks Kengo; it's funny how many of parenting's puzzles just seems to work themselves out.

"I'm not sure I'm reading the graphs right..."

The more the distribution is skewed to the right the less the averaged participant shows association of good things (like joy, love, happiness and so on) with the minority. So, for example, the pink line is for gays (of course) and because, if you integrated that line, the majority of the area would be right of center (neutral) that is supposed to show the subconscious bias in the public towards gays.

Beck said...

Interesting link. I took the test on gay-straight and I came up with little to no preference or bias to either, which I guess is a good thing.

Scot said...

I never took you as a homophobe Beck :-).