Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Lot Under the Tree

We had our big family Christmas party yesterday. It went off without tears, wailing, or gnashing of teeth; not a garment rended that I know of.

There's just too many people there we love and who have nothing against our family to focus on the few, and we were just too busy with our kids to get serious. I think I got at least a point across when introducing our family and talking about what's new for us. One family is having a 3rd marriage and so I announced that, this year, we just celebrated our 3rd marriage too, and that we may be engaged for our 4th depending upon what happens in Ca. So no confrontations, just that slight joke and family fun. I'm sure some family can tell that something is different, broken since Prop 8. That comes across pretty clearly in body language--I swear I could feel it in a hug or two--and maybe that's enough to satisfy my concern. But hey, the majority of our extended family is great; I shouldn't complain.
Before anyone comments on those odd Ed Hardy shirts as oh so cliche for our sort of family, I must assure you we had nothing to do with it :-). Grandma is crazy about getting the boys to wear the latest clothes; I swear I know nothing about brand names. Nevertheless, what a hansom family, eh?

In all it was another great event. We ate the traditional LDS potluck meal (I love to mix my potato salad with my baked beans... mmmm). Then the kids put on a talent show. Alan sang Christmas carols, and did so repeatedly. He went up again and again; he can be the most adorable ham.
Brian would rather not stand in front of a crowd. He'd rather not sit on a lap of some stranger claiming to posses magic powers either, but Santa came to him anyway:
He's my little skeptic. I've been absolutely Santagnostic with the boys, but he thinks he's figured it out and I think he loves Christmas more than any of us.

Anyway Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas! I'm just feeling gushy with the Christmas spirit, if you can't tell.

Oh, yeah! Your present. I almost forgot. ;-)

I got you two this year again. First, the practical gift, the underwear and socks in the stocking (click to "unwrap" :-)):

Who wouldn't love a little attention, particularly medical attention, right? As far as I can tell, this seems to be a very deserving charity. An abnormally high percentage of the donation goes to programs. I hope you like it but never need it.

Finally, the toy:

Listen to all their programs online or as a free podcast, guilt free, from me to you. Radio Lab programs, well, I've not been disappointed in any of them, even if I love some more than others. I hope you all find them as thought provoking and enjoyable as I have.

Again, I want to say how much I've appreciated my online friends, acquaintances, buddies, comrades, lurkers and, sure, even the reluctant and not so reluctant foes. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


Evan said...

I'm happy to hear nothing too confrontational or awkward went on.

You guys have a Merry Christmas :)

Scot said...

Thanks Evan, and Merry Christmas to you too!