Sunday, December 14, 2008


I just thought this was cute.

A refugee family is part of our holidays this year. They're from Africa and Brian wanted to write their son a card, as they are about the same age, to welcome him.
I printed out one of the journal pages so he could add a picture too; that's a butterfly and a bee hive dripping with homey on the tree.

I love seeing them take this kind of interest on their own. I only had to tell him to probably not wish a Muslim kid merry Christmas. I also love that he thinks the important things to know about Utah is that it gets cold in November and pizza should be given a chance.

And yes, I'm the one who told him how to spell sincerely wrong :-); he'll be a much better speller once he stop's asking me how to spell.


Amanda said...

That is more than adorable!!

Java said...

LOL! My 10 year old son is a much better speller than I am.

I love his welcome note. He's a great kid.

Queers United said...

that is just too cute

Cadence said...

seriously your family makes me think twice about not wanting to have kids... thanks thats really cool...

Kengo Biddles said...

Scot, #1, cute as buttons.

#2, You've lived in Utah, WAAAAY too long. You're suffering from Apostrophitis. (Over-use of the apostrophe.)

Don't worry, you're not alone...I too have a mild case. I also have English Majors for parents, and thus tend to hyper-correct my spelling and grammar.

Scot said...

Thanks all. If there's anything I can't get enough of, other than our kids, it's hearing how cute they are from others :-).

Kengo: "You're suffering from Apostrophitis. "

LOL he'll... That's how I'd say it.

What's worse is that that is the least of my problems with the English language. Why can't it just be logical?

[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

he'll be a much better speller once he stop's asking me how to spell.

I thought he'd already learnt that lesson.

And yes, he does spell much better than you do, I know this first hand.

And this is excessively cute. In a good way.

Guy said...

So cute, sweet--and impressive spelling! Speaking of spelling, Emma and I were watching Akeelah and the Bee over the weekend (great flick, by the way, if your kids haven't seen it) and when Akeelah was asked to spell "prestidigitation", 6 yr old Emma immediately spelled it perfectly! No, she's not a budding genius like Brian seems to be, but I still thought that was pretty impressive (okay, seeing the film several times certainly helps)!. ;)
It's such a joy to watch these kids learn and grow, isn't it? I love it!