Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waiting for the Sugarplums

Right now we've got two kids fake sleeping in their rooms, and I just have to waste time to wait it out. Then my fun starts. I'm as excited as a kid myself :-).

To pass the time I may as well post, eh?

I got a kick out of a very strange sight this morning. I came back in from getting the paper to find Alan was, to my shock, emptying the dishwasher without being told to do so! I had to document the event:
Christmas Eve coincidence or Santa bribe? I don't know/care but that's a pleasant first :-).

We had a great Christmas Eve dinner with family.
And then we went to the grandparents home to open gifts from family.

Here is a clear illustration of the different philosophies my boys have regarding present opening:
That's dust all over Alan's suit. After each unwrapping he kept, in excitement, crawling under the coffee table, which apparently had not seen a vacuum for a while (Do LDS have "coffee tables"?...).

Anyway, so now here I sit, waiting for sleep to overtake excitement in the two rooms down the hall.

I hope you all are having a great Christmas... and that I get to sleep at a reasonable hour because I know I'll be up early :-).


Java said...

I hope you two dads have as much fun as those precious boys with Christmas this year.

My two young ones (ages 11 and 10) were wound up tighter than a drum by the time they went to bed. I think they're asleep now. We got the whole Santa thing done a while ago, thank goodness, and have told them they are not to come out of their rooms until 7:30. And here I sit online at 1:30. Silly me.

Have a great day, Scot! Merry Christmas

maybemaybenot said...

You have such a beautiful family. I love the pics.

Ezra said...

You've obviously raised some great kids! Helping with the dishes!

Hope your christmas was very merry indeed.