Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anything Goes

Where I blog on isocrat is kind of a place for my political frustration, and I posted about this there. But I want to be sure as many gay Utahns as possible understand what we're up against. Sun Tsu and all that.

From Reed Cowan's documentary, the words of Senator Buttars:

Take a listen.

Or read the story.

...comparing us to terrorists, calling us "the greatest threat to America", insinuating we aren't monogamous, saying that making it illegal to fire or evict a person, gay or straight, for their orientation is giving gays special rights, calling us abominations, saying we have children in order to "indoctrinate" them, saying we don't have morals... "anything goes"... That familiar mess of falsehoods and inhumanity is coming from one of the most powerful law makers in this state, and he seems to feel ethically good about it. I have to wonder, if we're the "greatest threat", what would he do to our families if he had more power than the significant amount he already wields, or if there were more of him up on the hill?

What do I do when my kids are at the age to catch wind of such leaders on the news? And that's why I'm hoping to get out of here.

I mean, how can you talk to, or reason together with a person who won't even see or hear you?

Ug, I can't wait for Utah's political season to be over.


C. L. Hanson said...

Is political season just a few months of the year, like hunting season? I guess I don't understand either one. ;^)

Rooting for you and your families and similar families as well! :D

Scot said...

Thanks C.L.

"Is political season just a few months of the year, like hunting season? "

Yes, it's a lot like hunting season :-).

Utah is rare in the fact that we don't really have full time lawmakers. We only have 45 days in a legislative session.

Guy said...

Thanks, goodness it's only 45 days! I couldn't handle any more and I don't even have to live there, but every year it pains me nonetheless. Like being shot by hunters, as you say.

Max Power said...

Sigh. I've been keeping up on all of this, and this is exactly the reason why I will never move back to Utah. I just can't stand the insanity.

chosha said...

This kind of stuff makes me feel so weary. I don't understand why people think it's easier to hate.