Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I knew I voted for this guy for a good reason:

Guv, at odds with most Utahns, backs civil unions for gays

Thank you Governor Huntsman! This more than makes up for the time your dad hit me when I was just an undergrad (there's a story behind that but I think I like it better with fewer details :-)).

The Sutherland representative's response was telling:
"He had to be dragged to the altar of Amendment 3," Reynolds said in an e-mail, "and everyone has known since then that Governor Huntsman would rather be nice than right."
Everyone, huh? At least this Reynolds knows he's being mean. It's just a matter of getting him to see what should be obvious, to see the morality in the Golden Rule. The fact that he finds nice and right to be at odds should be bothering him.

Boy, I have a hard time understanding this mindset, but it clearly works. As I write in amazement too often here, this same thinking--hurting people is helping them, it's self preservation, it's long-term loving and for their own good--has done much worse. It has put gays on burning piles of wood. Again, it's what you find in books like the
Malleus Maleficarum, and it can justify far worse than firing someone for being gay in many human minds. Maybe I just don't want to get it.

Anyway, it is much better to be "
dragged to the altar of Amendment 3" than have your family offered up on it, and I would have appreciated the Governor not going there in the first place. Nevertheless, this is a big and much appreciated step for a highly popular Utah govenor to make. I have to think it will be a significant help in bringing justice a bit closer to the Beehive State, if not on the Hill, then in the minds of the public.

Thank you again
Governor Huntsman.


Alan said...

I just called the governor's office to say thank you for supporting civil unions, don't give in to the likes of Chris Buttars, and I will encourage all of my friends & family in Utah to support the governor on this. The receptionist was very kind and promised to pass on the message.

Queers United said...

wonderful, i have a post about this later

Beck said...

Huntsman can speak his real beliefs and real mind now that he's committed to not running again in Utah. I just wish that politicians would speak their mind all the time, not just when they feel they can. Of course, I'd make a rotten politician.

But I agree that Huntsman coming out on this has opened the dialogue with many, and others may be more willing to discuss these issues more openly (including myself) because of his leadership. Heck, I even heard Senator Hatch say he was okay with civil unions (though he added some qualifiers) and you got KSL Radio of all places on the Doug Wright Show spouting off quotes from the Brethren that the Church doesn't have problems with many of the principles of the Common Grounds principles.

I think the more this is discussed, the more the Sutherland Group will sound (to the general public) cruel, mean-spirited and on the "wrong side" of this issue.

But like you said - I don't think the legislature is listening... at least at this session. I guess a step at a time.

Scot said...

Alan "I just called the governor's office to say thank you for supporting civil unions"

That's a great idea.

Thanks QU, he'll need all the kudos he can get.

I totally agree Beck. This just keeps the dialogue going and it's going in an incrementally better direction from the Doug Wright Show to the Governor's mansion. I think we'll soon hear from Corroon as well, which won't be as much of a surprise but it will keep people in dialogue and that's the best place to be when you're in the right.