Monday, February 05, 2007

Some of My Best Friends...

For those who don’t know, the gay community in Utah has a couple bogymen. Two of the most vocal would have to be Gayle Ruzicka, the president (?) of the local Eagle Forum Chapter, and Senator Buttars. If they weren’t trying to dissolve our legal connection to our children, and keep our stay at home parents from anything near equal treatment, they’d merely be a curiosity, but they have a lot of sway.

In a past session Senator Buttars used quotes from the Screwtape Letters in legislative debate to justify keeping us from having simply an easier, more portable way to establish hospital visitation and power of attorney; seems it was a trick of the devil to his haunted mind. I could go on and on regarding the odd things this man has said in public, or my personal experiences but don’t want to get too worked up today :-). Suffice it to say, as I posted, he is going after the Gay-Straight Alliance clubs again.

Then there’s Mrs. Ruzicka. A couple years ago I watched her bring a girl to tears for the way she insulted her family, all with that calm assurance on her face one has when they think Righteousness is on their side. She’s one of the main proponents of, among other things, the current Utah adoption law that doesn’t stop gays here from being parents but it does keep their children from their parent’s health insurance and lets one parent just ditch their responsibilities. To understand the reason for this post it should also be said that she frequently tells the press that some of her friends are gay, as though that makes trying to harm families headed by gay couples okay.

That said, I enjoyed (or maybe indulged in :-)) the editorial in last Sunday’s tribune:

Some of My Best Friends Are Gayle

By Troy Williams, producer of KRCL’s Radio Active. He was an LDS man, returned missionary, and now a gay rights activist. I think, in fact, I once threw a rock at him, but he asked me too (long story ;-)) .

Though it should be used sparingly, it’s nice sometimes to see the frustration come out. Don’t know how much good it does, but the catharsis is worth something.


Beck said...

Thank you for the link to Troy's very poignant and powerful editorial!

You've given me a lot to think about today. My closeted voice is stifled by my own ignorance of the intolerance around me.

Kengo Biddles said...

To say that I HATE Senator Buttars is not a sufficiently ardent and/or stringent word. The man works me up in knots at the MERE MENTION of his name. He is the quintessential reason I HATE Utah Culture.

And I agree with you completely, Scot. "LGBT are recruitment places." My eye. What, is there some quota that we have to fill before we get our complementary Cher/Madonna tickets?

*shambles away grumble curses and loathe against Buttars...*

Gay BYU Student said...

I did read today that the GSA-banning bill failed. Although the one requiring parental permission to join extracurricular clubs will pass. I think kids should be able to join clubs as they please, especially ones with hostile, controlling, or less-than-understanding parents. Many of those kids probably won't even seek help in those clubs because they don't want to talk to their parents. Kinda sad. Anyway, thanks for the post and keeping me informed.

Scot said...

Ah Beck, you bet, but I’d certainly not see you as ignorant in this realm.

Kengo, I know how you feel. You should hear my dad; he’ll use, umm… far more colorful language :-).

"What, is there some quota that we have to fill before we get our complementary Cher/Madonna tickets?"

Yes. Are you not getting the newsletter? There are copies in every bar and bathhouse, so as to reach every gay man, of course. Try your local recruitment office.

I did read today that the GSA-banning bill failed.

Almost :-). It seems it got gutted. I was thinking on posting on it today. Still, Senator Buttars is vowing to put the language back in, once it reaches the Senate.