Monday, October 16, 2006

Blessed Non-events

Well, back from visiting family in southeastern Utah. It’s always a great trip. I was happy to learn R was from there when we first met, and we’ve spent many a fall and spring weekend camping in those uniquely magnificent surroundings.

This particular trip was seemingly full of material. But I’m left agreeably unimpressed, and so what am I to say?

We stayed with R’s parents, again… Are there issues with us, say, sleeping in the same bed? Nope, that’d be silly. There aren’t really any issues, save for R’s problem with the cooking (Note: R’s problem ;-)). I’m only left wondering on the sort of conversations our many family photos around the house bring up with the home teachers. Still, I’d bet, if it’s anything like our local culture, those men avoid the topic with effort.

We spent a couple hours with R’s best friend from High School… They were really great friends, the popular kids, and hadn’t seen each other for many years. And you’d think this could be awkward for a couple of reasons... But no. It was just another pleasant visit, just two dads, old friends, and not a bit of awkwardness there. Our kids had a great time playing together and off we went. [sigh] I was hoping for something scandalous ;-).

The only revelation I came across was that I still have a lingering nervousness in small towns. Typical me, I forgot my toothbrush, and had to find a store selling them at 8:50 PM (No, not an easy task in a small town). I left R to get the kids to bed, and while alone found myself a bit on edge. I’m not sure if it’s some gay fear from a so-called collective memory, from the way, historically, life for gays in such places has been described to me, but I felt as though I should be on the lookout, unlike in the ever-safe city :-). Still, here I am, unlynched ;-).

Nope, just a nice weekend, save for a bit of rain. We hiked and showed the boys many native ruins, barely more interesting to them at this point than the sand. We shot guns, and I felt great dishonor that R is a better shot (That’s my role, d*beep*n it!). And we all had a good time hunting for pottery shards and arrowheads (Note to FBI: We kept nothing; only looked. :-)).

Funny though, we were all scanning the ground for any human honed flint or painted ceramic, and the boys got into it. About 10 minuets passed and up came A to R’s mom, all excited.

“Look, Grandma, look what I found!”

A hand full of near perfect spheres… created by the gastrointestinal system of a deer.

Some things you just errantly assume they’d know :-).

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