Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Little Bit of Knowledge

This bit of radio really got to me (link below). It first aired over a year ago, and our boys were still quite young and yet to enter any sort of school. I was bracing myself through the whole thing, becoming increasingly worried about what’s to come for our home. Yet, it left me quite hopeful.

It’s a piece I think all gay couples would appreciate and find informative, but I bet most everyone would enjoy it (if you get emotional easily, not safe for work, :-)). I just listened to it again and am still a bit choked up. Some day, maybe, I’ll go into our experiences. They’ve yet to not turn out similarly wonderful, but, for now, a family in a similar position to break that ice:

This American life, A Little Bit of Knowledge, Episode 293, Act 2 (18 minutes into it; sorry if you have to wait through it, but it’s worth it and Act 1 ain't bad either).


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