Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Today is National Coming Out Day.

The following people are gay:
-Lance Bass
-Sir Ian McKellen
----Gandalf, but not Magneto
-That other British guy
-Richard Simmons (allegedly, judge for yourself)
-96.4% of all Smurfs (Yes, even Handy)
-Captain Sulu
-And many more…

Don’t even get me started on other bloggers; they’re soooo gay…

I’m glad I got that off my chest. But me? No, I’m not gay. I’ve simply been conducting an elaborate and extensive sociological experiment for near two decades. If only there was an appropriate Nobel Prize category…

Seriously, I’m not “in” anywhere, haven’t been for ages. I'll not force it, but I'll come out as soon as it comes up in any way; our kids out us nearly everywhere we go regardless. The only instance in which I'd not come out is where I felt it threatened us physically, and it's been a long time since I've felt that.

I suppose I could come out to strangers today. Something like:

“That’ll be $5.29, sir.”

“I’m gay. Here you go.”

Probably not too productive…

Simply and as a general rule, I’d say it’s a great, healthy move to come out, but it’s your move, and you should want it. Do it because you need to breath and don’t want to live in fear anymore. Do it to correct a wrong, or a bias about “your kind”. Do it to be honest. Do it because others need your help. Or do it because somebody loves you and deserves to know, or maybe deserves you, all of you. Take your pick of what’s applicable or pick none.

But I’d certainly not come out because it’s October 11th.

Nonetheless, happy Coming Out Day. :-)


Chris said...

Hey, I posted about this today as well.

Lately, I've taken to starting conversations with, "So, you know I'm gay, right?" And then we move on. ;-)

Scot said...

I think I wrote on your blog once, that, even though I’m always out, it took one guy who worked in my lab about a year to figure it out. He had met R and our kids, a couple times. And you know how it is in a work setting; we’re always chatting about our families. Maybe I should start conversations today with "So, you know I'm gay, right?" and see how many more of such people are in my life :-).

Kengo Biddles said...

All I have to say is I'm glad I read this at the office at 11:30 at night because I laughed SO HARD, especially at the "That'll be $5.29." "I'm gay. here you go."

You've got quite the wry wit, Scot.

Scot said...

Thank you, Mr. Biddles.

I think humor is very useful, particularly for gays in whichever life they live. When I find the joke in it, in myself; I find I’m less locked up in the negative emotion of it.

Also, it’s always good to hear I’m not merely attempting humor :-).