Sunday, November 05, 2006

I’m a Guy With a Blog, and I Approve This Message

Tomorrow is a very important day in the lives of all United States citizens. I hope, if you haven’t yet voted, you may find the time. Personally, I like to wait for the actual day, for the ceremony of it :-).

Anyway, I’d like to put out an appeal.

If you’ll be deciding anything regarding marriage rights, please hear me out. I’ve gone through many ways society would benefit by implementing such rights for gay couples, and they range from the financial, to the familial, to the intangible. I’ve also gone through all the ways such law would help my family, one with two kids and a stay-at-home-parent. Please, please, give it careful consideration, as you will be changing the lives of real people.

If your amendment forbids both “marriage” and any other civil union, please don’t keep people like us and our children from all those rights and obligations for the name alone. Don’t ditch the moral of equal protection for that. If you want to keep “marriage” for heterosexuals but have no problem giving our unions another legal classification, vote the amendment down and make your representative write one that you can fully support.

There really are people out there who’s job it is to find ways to get good people to feel okay about hurting their neighbors. I saw many an example of such through our marriage debate here in Utah; not that it’s anything new ;-). Packaging your fellow citizen’s rights in this “attack on marriage” wrapping is one of those ways. Think on it. Who is attacking families? Who is anti-marriage, anti-commitment, anti stay-at-home parents, and pro-welfare in this fight? Call them on it; give your neighbor and his family a chance at equal rights and call it whatever you want (even a dorky name like "Nessiage" ;-)).

Now that I got that rant out of the way, on to the more local topics… I just want to express support for a couple people.

Though I’m more a moderate than most expect with the details of my life (I think I voted about 65/25 Dem/Rep last vote, the rest being protest votes), I am abnormally involved in politics.

As a person who’s had significant interaction with him and his staff, I’ve come to greatly respect Salt Lake County Mayor Corroon. Those who work for him vouch for his ethics without solicitation, and he is a fiscally responsible, fair-minded Democrat, my favorite kind of Democrat :-). Because of this, when Sim Gill was endorsed by the Mayor (and much of the county staff I know), I took notice. After talking to Sim a couple times and becoming familiar with his qualifications, I’m sold. No offence, Lohra (BTW, you need to find a better color scheme for your signs next time; they’re difficult to read above 50 mph).

Anyway, this is a neck-and-neck race and I’ll be voting for Sim Gill, and do recommend him.

Jim Winder. I’m relieved he’s far ahead of Kennard for Salt Lake County Sheriff now. I'll not go into why I’ve a problem with Kennard, but it's a good reason :-). I’ve talked with Winder a couple times. He comes across as an honorable man, with a grip on the problems law enforcement faces in SLC. Simply, this is one race where the incumbent has gotten too comfortable and there’s a well qualified opponent waiting for your vote.

I’d also like to pick out Cannon. I think I can agree with the far right in Utah on his needs to go. Burridge is a fair replacement; at least until the Republicans can come up with a better candidate to test him. But who am I kidding? Cannon would be going back to Congress even if his name was Mark Foley.

You may notice a couple high profile races are left out. I’m undecided or resigned to their outcome, but feel free to persuade me; I may just vote for libertarians in a couple races.

Kengo, I see an Ashdown advert in your blog... you want to take a shot at it ;-)? While I'm no fan of Hatch and he'll not get my vote, I worry about Ashdown's qualifications.

Don't get me started on Matheson, but his opponent, Christensen, wow. I’d rather be represented by a homophobic tree stump. At least I can protest vote and still know Christensen won’t win.

As for my state representative, I know I said he had my vote, but I’m wavering after my parent’s discussion with his opponent. I don’t know what I’ll do now, and will decide after talking to the opponent in person tonight.

Finally, of course, I’d hope those who can do go out and vote for McCoy, Biskupski, and Christine Johnson (Despite the Trib’s befuddling endorsement of McCoy's opponent; and, no, I'm a different Scot :-)). They are all three good people who I’ve come to respect.

Hmm, all democrats this year, but one or two possible holdouts. It is what it is, I guess, but I'll never vote straight ticket :-).

Anyway, that’s it. Happy voting; be gentle.

Brought to you by Citizens United For Justice, Kittens, and Perfect Government, and The Endowment for the People Dedicated to Scot’s Bidding.


Loyalist said...

Endorsed by Loyalist (with defects).

In addition I beg, plead and threaten - Exercise the Freedom Muscle by Voting.

Scot said...

Excellent! I see we've won the coveted and appreciated Loyalist endorsement.

Would you care to donate to one of my extremely grassroots organizations? :-)

Loyalist (with defects) said...

[sound of crickets chirping]

Pardon? uhm, ya I donated at the office. thanks.