Monday, November 20, 2006

Thank You

Thanksgiving is almost here and I’ll be taking a break from the blogs until the holiday is up.

To say there is much for which I’m thankful would be a scandalous understatement, as I’m sure anyone in similar shoes knows. I’ll not go into that; it would end up threatening my laptop with girly tears.

But each Thanksgiving, in our family, we go around the table and say what we’re all thankful for about each person (yes, that ends in tears too). So I thought I’d go around this table. If I miss you, I deeply apologize (that was a worry with such a post). I simply went on 1. who had a blog I read and 2. who I know posted or visited here recently (mainly by my gmail 1st page :-)).

Anyway, in order of who I like least to best ;-) (alphabetical order):

Beck – First, I love your music. Second, not too long ago, it seemed to me we posted on nearly the same thing on the same day, and it made me feel good someone was feeling similarly. Despite our differences in homes, I’m thankful for the love you show your family; it’s a sort of love many don’t know. I’m grateful for your kindness and willingness to listen and be open. I’ve enjoyed your blog for a while now and I’ve come to very much appreciate the man I see in your words, struggles and all.

Chris – Many have softened my opinions here but none as much as you and your ex-wife. I’m thankful for being shown that there is indeed a way to get from that point A to that point B with honor and ethics intact. Thank you also for your story. For a guy like me, who left the LDS church quite early, it’s an eye-opener, and I don’t think the importance of your perspective in this debate can be overstated. And you write it out with intelligence, passion, and compassion, a trait that is too rare. Finally, though I certainly understand the need to keep some distance recently, I have to thank you for being there in the comments at the times I’ve felt outnumber ;-), and I hope I’ve done the same for you.

Elbow – Understandably, I don’t think you’ve been out and about for a while, but I must say I’m grateful to have gotten to know what little I do of you. You are so kind. I’ve been repeatedly impressed that, each time I’ve tried to offer help, you’ve never failed to ask me how I’m doing, how’s my family. Your concern for others in the face of your own great heartache speaks volumes of your great worth. I’m very worried for you and think of you daily; I’m sure we all do. I’d be grateful if I could help, but I am still grateful and put at ease to know what I know of the sort of guy you are.

Fob — The poster boy :-). Even though you don’t represent me in the minds of many when you appear in the media, you do represent gay men, gay fathers, and you do it well, and I am thankful for that. I’m thankful someone smart, sympathetic, and eloquent has put his face out there. When I first found these blogs I was bracing for the worst sort of attacks on my sort of family, but, in that, I did you all a disservice. I’m just grateful it’s people like you on the not-so-other side, Ben (not to say others here might not do a passable job of it ;-)).

Foxx – First, you have quite a skill with words, and a way of building dramatic tension; you should be in the arts or something ;-). I’ve looked forward to your stories and posts. I’m thankful for your handling of yourself in a potentially difficult situation, with honor and care. I’m grateful for your example being out there, and know it can change lives for the better, of people you’ll never know. I look forward to following as to where life leads you and where you take it, and am glad to believe it will be a happy ending.

GayBYUstudent – We’ve really just been introduced, but you strike me as quite a nice guy, and I’m always grateful for that :-). But most importantly (and with all you young gays blogging out there, trying to come to terms with your faith and orientation), I’m grateful that you are trying. I’m grateful you care, that it’s important to you to figure this out and not just act blindly or hastily as so many other gay men have to their detriment. It shows an example of a great and valuable maturity that can save you and many others a lot of heartache. And, again, to discuss it in a public blog helps people who’ll never be bold enough to make themselves known. Simply, whatever path you end up on, I hope you’ll be happy, but am thankful you’re off to a good, careful start.

GayLDSActor – Now, you’re not on the gmail page but I do read your blog :-). My kids would say "rules are rules," but they ain’t here :-). Like Foxx, I am very thankful for your example to others who are where you were years ago. I can’t make a big enough deal of this; gay kids, particularly LDS kids, need help and your example is a big help. I’m also grateful for your love of family and the care with which you’re treating your situation. You are an intelligent, creative, and impressive guy and I’m glad to have gotten to know you through your blog.

Kengo – I’m grateful that you are so quick to offer help, and be of help to others. Even though we may disagree on what specifically someone should do, we see eye to eye more often than not and I’m appreciative for those times. I’m also thankful that you’re willing to meet in person some of these men in trouble; I’m sure you’ve helped many people reach a better place and we can both agree on that. You strike me as a compassionate and bright individual and I look forward to getting to know you better.

L – Smart, considerate, good humored, if not potty-mouthed :-), L, I’ve very much come to look forward to your posts, email, comments and chats. I always know they’ll make me think and/or put a smile on my face. I’m also thankful for your exhaustive list of links, that timesaving “latest links” section of your blog, and the fact that your name doesn’t strain my feeble spelling abilities. If I could complain, we just don’t disagree as much as we should; it’s something we can work on :-). In a simple world (and by your political actions :-[) you should be my foe; we should be battling it out. But it’s not a simple world, and you sure don’t feel like a foe; you feel like a friend, one anyone would be grateful to have.

Loyalist – Ah, my Heroes buddy, and an instance where it is actually in the name (minus the defect part :-)). I’m so sorry for the recent events of your life, but am grateful to have come to know you’re the sort who can weather the storms and help others. I’ve enjoyed your political perspectives and the fact that you’re so into the topic; it’s nice to know there’s someone out there who keeps up on all such things, someone I can count on for a knowledgeable take. Above all that, you strike me as a good, dedicated and able family man. You have my respect.

Santorio – It takes guts to speak up for rights when you’ve no need for them and it puts you at odds with your church. A minority can’t change a thing; it takes people like you to give a hand up. Though you’re gay, you’re in a place where you don’t need, for personal gain, to speak up and I’m very grateful you do. You are quick and to the point, not even time enough to touch the shift key ;-), but what you say is insightful, clever, and very much appreciated (smart guy, steal my thunder with the biology posts so early on! :-)). Have a good holiday with your fortunate family.

Silus Grok – I’ve only become familiar with you in the past couple weeks. I am very glad to have you reading here though. As we vote similarly, go to the same plays (or try to :-)), and have similar interests, I’m sure there’s much to be grateful for in getting to know each other better :-). Meeting yet another smart and friendly guy in the bloggosphere is always something to be grateful for. Finally, I am certainly grateful for your avatar; it makes me smile each time I see him staring back at me.

Again, if I missed you, I’m sorry (Now that I see the publish button, I’m second-guessing this post :-)). I kind of bunched a couple folks together, but each blog I read has something in it for which I’m grateful, and I can’t say I’ve met anyone hear I’d rather not have met, even when we’ve exchanged harsh words, :-).

Now, you pay some guys a compliment and then they feel all obligated to say something back. Too d*beep*n bad. The comments are off; you just have to take it. Ha!

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.