Saturday, November 25, 2006

Just Visiting

1. Filled out form to allow me to drive a car, despite being unmarried.

2. Allowed children to swim in icy salt water, as if we could have stopped them.

3. Slept

4. Watched a mammal over a ton in weight jump a couple stories into the air. Walked under a floating and vicious shiver.

5. Slept

6. Kept children from harassing more legless mammals.

7. Thanksgiving dinner with the grand parents.

8. Visited our old home. Answered question as to where B was before he was born, when R and I lived in said old home.

9. Slept

10. Rode a dragon five times; towered menacingly over a tiny village; photographed son battling a sith made of a million little pieces.

11. Flew home, and boy are my… ug, never mind…

Ah, we just got back, from where R and I lived for a couple years before deciding to come back to Utah to start our family. I think I wrote that to remember my life before children was like remembering another’s life. Visiting our old home felt the same.

Having our kids back in our old stomping grounds was a lot of fun. I love the weather. I love the variety of people; the social acceptance. I love all the options one has in every day; the sort that only come with such a large city. I love the politically friendly environment.

But there’s a lot we don’t like, a lot we’d miss if we moved back, and a couple convincing reasons to not raise children there. In short, I return more sure in the knowledge Utah was the right choice than when we left, even for us :-).

You can never go home but you can go home, I guess… It just sucks to love something that doesn't feel as though it shares the sentiment. Someday, Utah, we’ll laugh about it; I’m sure :-).

(Curses! The title should have been "A Utah Man Am I", for today. There aren't any BUY fans out there are there? ;-))


Beck said...

Believe it or not, there may be at least one BYU fan in this queerosphere (See my last post).

But, I'm glad that you are comfortable to live in Utah as your family unit and I'm grateful that you are here to bless the community at large to learn what families can be all about. Thanks for your example!

And, I hope there is room here as well for a gay married Mormon father with four kids of his own, who is still a BYU Football fan.

Beck said...

P.S. I love your ocean shots! Seeing the seals / sea lions and watching the waves are one of my most favorite things to do...

Scot said...

Thank you Beck.

I’d never want to exclude gay married Mormon fathers of four, but I don’t know about the BYU part. [sob] The feelings right now are just too [choke] raw. :-)

I agree on the ocean; it has to be one of the things I miss the most. I wish I could feel okay posting pictures of A and B, as I have some adorable photos of them taking on the waves. What’s funny is that even after all that amusement park excitement, when asked about their favorite part of the trip, both my kids said the beach. We should have just saved the money and stuck with that :-).

Beck said...

On our California trip years ago, we felt obligated to do the Disney, Sea World thing... but the part our kids loved the most was camping on the beach! We learned that lesson and have never gone back to the amusement parks, but have always spent more quality memorable time at the beach!

I feel such satisfaction hearing about your experiences as a father.