Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

To all the faithful, may you have a wonderful day of reflection on the atonement. To everybody, may you have a fun filled day with the family, and don’t eat the peeps.

We had our big family party yesterday. I awoke at 6, got ready, and hid hundreds of eggs until noon. My nieces and nephews cursed my name as they stumbled through this year’s golden egg puzzle, but they got it (after a bunch of hints :-)). It was another wonderful family get-together.

And the food… [Homer] mmmm… Mormon food.[/Homer] The potato salad, the baked beans, the breadth and depth of jello dishes... I hate to throw down such a gauntlet but my man makes better funeral potatoes than any of my sisters or in-laws. I dare say they are the best. That’s right, Relief Society members of the world. I said it. What you gonna do about it? Bring. It. On.

Anyway, Happy Easter.

For those few interested :-), I’ll paste below the final Silver egg puzzle (but I’m leaving out one part because it was too specific to my clan)

The Ag Egg

1. It would be creepy to visit a BLANK Halloween. _ _
2. The views from the Empire State Building BLANK. _ _
3. While I don't have multiple BLANK toes are on my feet. _
4. You've never Blank me wrong; I trust you. _ _
5. In bad neighborhoods there should be a BLANK block. _ _
6. I don't much like pork, but I had to try the BLANK the menu. _
7. As I got into Pierre's BLANK jour," he said. _
8. On December 7th there was a BLANK Pearl Harbor. _ _
9. If you're going for a job interview, you should first BLANK your shirt. _ _
11. Look at the boats floating upon the BLANK out there?_ _
12. He proposed with one BLANK the ground. _ _
13. At Sea World we saw a very talented performer; one might call him a BLANK. _ _

The letters from the BLANKS were used to add onto and subtract from Easter words to spell out: Salt, Water, Basement, and Soft… And I had to give the following hint to help them, so don't read it if you don't need it: The full sentence in number 2 is "The views from the Empire State Building are scenic". I'm not too proud of 13; corny but it works :-).


Loyalist (with defects) said...

i dont know, my wife makes an excellent funeral potatoes. i'm always excited when theirs a funeral to go to. yes, i know its suppose to be sad but i honestly havent been to very many 'sad' mormon funerals.

hmmm, i think i'm going to put in a order right now. thanks for the idea. :)

Scot said...

"i dont know, my wife makes an excellent funeral potatoes."

Okay Loyalist, here’s what we’ll do. On an agreed to date we’ll both have our spouses make a batch of funeral potatoes. We’ll immediately take two (2) samples and FedEx both, one back to ourselves at home and the other to each other (you know, to minimize the skewing effects of shipping). Then, in a blind taste test, we’ll sample both, 5 times each, in an order to be determined by a random number generator, and we’ll score each sample for flavor, texture, and aroma. We’ll tabulate the results, and promptly burn them and delete all correspondence relating to this experiment, if it shows either of us likes the funeral potatoes of the other’s spouse better than their own :-).