Monday, April 02, 2007


Okay, everyone in my home gets a fake name today. I’m tired of labeling the most important people in my life with a single letter, not to mention the worry my little A is being mistaken for a lowly article of speech.

So, I’m off to and I’ll go with the first name I find with the right letters:

R, from hence forth, will be... Robert I. Rodgers, and it seems he’s from Johnstown, PA (4149 Coal Street, 15904). Ooo, and I see his mother’s madden name is Mclean, and his B-day is February 13, 1952, if you want to send him a present. Huh, he doesn’t look that old. Can I love a 55-year-old Pennsylvanian? You bet. (The site even gives fake SS and credit card numbers, convenient).

Now, let’s see, A will now be… Amanda? That will never do. That’s just what they expect of our family. I’ll be picking the first boy’s name. Okay… Alfred S. Wilson?… Nah, he doesn’t look like an Alfred… This is taking too many clicks; I’ll just pick the ‘A’ name of one of my favorite figures in science, Alan.

And our B will be Brian, Brian O. Graham. The ‘O’ is for OptimusPrime (one word); it was his great-grandmother’s name. Seems our little Brian lives in San Rafael, CA 94909; we must miss him greatly.

There, now we all have names. Scot, Robert (Maybe he goes by Rob?), and the twins: Alan and Brian.


playasinmar said...

Whomever groweth upon the land and thy name be OptimusPrime (one word) shall be born of the greatest parents ever!

Anonymous said...

i assume that alan is older than brian if even my just a few minutes.

if not then i must question your scientific method

Scot said...


As our little Alan repeatedly reminds Brian (or OptimusPrime), he is indeed a matter of minuets older. I was hoping to hold off the “I’m older than you” thing for a couple more years, but he latched onto it, of course.

Paul said...

While I've read of the family for months, I'm glad to know they have names. Yes, you may be a scientist ... but personification is so much more friendly!

Master Fob said...

So it's never occurred to me before: Is Scot not your real name?