Wednesday, March 19, 2008


PSA: Scot kissed a dolphin. Now he’s sick with Dolphin Mexican Mono (DMM).

Remember: when you kiss a dolphin, you are kissing every dolphin that that dolphin has ever kissed.

Man, I’ve been so careful as to not drink the water; I’ve avoided ice and vegetables that may have been washed in local water. Nevertheless, it got me. Curse my prissy GI tract!

I’m on the mend though, and, after a rough night, one oubt shared with many tourists down here, we’ll be off to the beach today in Puerto Vallarta.

We still got in some fun yesterday in Mazatlan, before it hit me. We did a “canopy” zip-line tour. It was a lot of fun, if not a bit drab in our jungle canopy for us being there in Mazatlan’s dry season.
The zip-line tour ended in a Tequila factory, of course. The engineer in me really enjoyed seeing the process. Alas, it was only enjoyed in such a nerdy way and I can’t blame tequila for last night… I wonder if I’m the only one who got sick because I didn’t put the antiseptic of 60% ethanol tequila down my belly ;-).


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Ironic, isn't it?

God cursed you with sickness for not drinking alcohol.

Mr. Fob said...

Dude. Always use protection. Always. Especially with dolphins--they're the sluts of sea animals.

Scot said...

God cursed you with sickness for not drinking alcohol.

He sure did make me well soon enough to party toning if I want to :-).

And Mr. Fob, well, I know that now. He even told me I was his first kiss. Whatever.