Monday, March 24, 2008

What I Was Too Cheap to Post + Caucus

Now that I’m home and the internets are free to me once more, let me recap our rfamily adventure, and put up what I normally would have.

Day 1 -- San Diego. Unfortunately I didn't get many photos; too busy having fun at Lego Land:

It's always kind of odd being back in our old town, where Rob and I lived just BC. Once we realized we could be parents, we were out of there so quickly. One day it was a wonderful place to live and the next we wanted to hurry "home" to be by family in Utah, of all places :-). Now going to San Diego feels like visiting someone else's past; I feel more like a tourist. We did eat at one of our favorite places, though, Pizza Bella in Old Town; I'd recommend it (get the salad with the pesto dressing and a pizza with the works, good stuff).

Day 2 -- At Sea. We boarded the ship:

Waited at the pool to greet friends as they trickled on:

Became floatation devices:

and then went to the show:
That's Mrs. Old Donald with the American Idol contestant.

She told a kid's joke that night that Brian has been telling everyone he's met since:

What did the one duck say to the other duck?


And the other duck said "Hey! I was just going to say that."

Eh, it's funnier when he tells it...

Day 3 At Sea -- Just relaxed at the pool, ah:
Day 4 -- Cabo. Brian didn't want to get near the things, but I have to add this picture of our all-too brave Alan:
That dolphin took him about 40 yards arround the enclosure and he screamed with joy nearly the whole way. I rode it too, by hanging onto the dorsal fin. It was an experience of a lifetime for this human (and just another day at the office for our dolphin friend).

Brian wouldn't touch this either:

Strange how twins can be so different, even when raised the same. When Brian is afraid, it's of real life what-ifs; when Alan is afraid, it's of his imagination. Brian has never had a nightmare I've known of and sleeps with all lights off, but is very cautious. Alan keeps the closet light on and two night lights, and shows up in our bed almost every night, but is daring sometimes to danger in the real world. Shows how much personality you come with, I suppose.

Day 5 -- Mazatlan. The kids went to the beach with Grandma and Grandpa and Rob and I had a zip-line date:
Nothing says romance like heights and speed, right? The Tequilla factory was pretty, though:
Day 6 -- Puerto Vallarta. The beach, Yeah! We all love the beach. It's so easy there to find this sort of look on your kid's face:

Day 7 -- At Sea. It was Superheroes Night. Wish I had a better picture, but:

That's a couple of Buzz Lightyears. The ship was full of Spidermen, Super Girls, and Power Rangers. The battles that ensued in the main dining area were epic in proportions.

Day 8 -- At Sea. I spent most of this day going to various on ship events. I'll post on the teen panel later. I just wanted to throw this picture in for Mr. Fob of Rob and I in matching Mexican shirts, which are not pink:

That night was Disco Night, as per the gay cruise rule book. We did not conform but there were many fun costumes, among them was, of course:

The Village People :-).

Day 9 -- Headed Home. I got up early and walked the ship one last time as we pulled into San Diego Harbor, a bit sad to be headed home.

Back to the real world, and back trying to make being gay and in a gay-headed family as non-important here in Utah as it was there :-).

Oh, and very important: If you live in Utah, today are our caucuses. It's one of the best ways to make a political difference. Find out where yours is here for dems and here for repubs. Bring friends and family in your district and have them vote for you as delegate. And again, remember, if you don't go, it'll be idiots like me picking the people you get to vote for as your representatives for you and your family. Stop me, if you can… mwah ha ha…


Mr. Fob said...

That was clever of you to PhotoShop the pink out of those shirts, but I know better.

MoHoHawaii said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and trip report. Tobi and I want to do that cruise someday. We like the idea of a family-oriented gay cruise.

MohoInTx said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

I loved the cruise I went on during high school... that was one of the best vacations ever. Your kids will remember those forever.

Molly Sue said...

Thank you for sharing!! I hope that you don't mind a random, enthusiastic stranger peeking in. I think your little family is FABULOUS!!

Java said...

Welcome home. I hope you all have a smooth transition back into the mundane world where there is much more strife than you've experienced the past week. I had a hard time coming back from my cruise. Except I was very glad to be back with my internet connection! I've enjoyed all your posts from sea, and it is good to see the rest now.

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Yeah, I was wondering about the lack of pink as well... Seems fishy to me.

That picture of Alan on the dolphin is amazing - I am so jealous.

As for utah caucuses - what happens there? Not being American, I don't know what these things are, or what they're for. But if I could participate (legally) I would.

Scot said...

Don't make me get signed affidavits, Mr. Fob.

MHH: If you do go let us know. I don't know what other gay cruises are like, but I'd bet this one is as family friendly as any.

MHT: Your kids will remember those forever.

Man, I hope so. It’s tough to remember when my memory begins. At least we’ve gigabytes of pictures to fill in the missing pieces :-).

Molly I hope that you don't mind a random

Not a bit. Welcome.

Except I was very glad to be back with my internet connection!

I know. God forbid they make it free. We’d live on the ship.

Craig: As for utah caucuses - what happens there?

Each precinct (basically a neighborhood) elects a chair, who should organize the neighborhood during the election and a delegate who will vote in the county and state convention for who will be on the ballot between those running within the party. Basically, there you vote for who everybody else gets to vote for. Also, it’s just nice to have your reps see you there so they know you’re active and a potential campaign worker. It’s also a chance to tell them your concerns; I know last night was pivotal for myself and Rob in who we’re voting for as rep at the convention.

You should go and see it one of these years. It’s kind of uneventful at first as not many in each precinct show up, but the real important stuff happens once it’s over and people start talking.

C. L. Hanson said...

Wow!!! My kids are so jealous -- now they're asking me when they get to swim with dolphins.

BTW, another gay exmo family blog said you guys are former Mormons, so I've added you to Outer Blogness. Hope that's okay! :D

Scot said...

well met CL.

And I never mind a link :-).