Monday, March 17, 2008

Hey, look here, the ship has wireless access in our cabin.

Thought I’d drop a quick line and say hi (though, at 75 cents/min, I’ll be brief, not to say you all aren’t worth at least 80 cents per min ;-)). We’re on one of my favorite vacations, the r-family cruise. I described our last season with them, here. In short, it’s a cruise ship with mainly gay and lesbian headed families on board. But this time we’ve a bunch of P-Flag parents with us as well, and their children.

We began in San Diego, where we spent the day in lego land. Then boarded and spent a day on the ship, finding friends and finding our way around a new ship. Today, we’ve been in Cabo San Lucas. Yesterday, I woke to this out our window:

Today I woke up to this:

The spirit on the ship is simply amazing: so many great children, deeply wanted and fought for; gay and lesbian teens with their parents; and many straight friends and family, mainly the grandparents. Our boys look forward to this for months. They don’t know there’s really anything different about this cruise, but, as this is the 4th we’ve been on, they’ve made some wonderful friends and this year more families from Utah have come.

There’s a lot of semi-famous people I’ve noticed walking about the ship: The gay “mormon” winner of last season of Survivor, that gay intern guy, Cindy Lauper (who put on a great concert last night), Susan Powters (who, I’m told, does a great yoga class here), and the last gay kid to be booted from American Idol (Noriega?). Not to mention, of course, Rosie Old Donald, as Brian calls her.

Anyway, I’ll probably post more on the trip later. We just got back from swimming with dolphins and I’m looking for a nap. It was an amazing experience, though, for all (but Brian, who’d rather not ride on large aquatic mammals).

(apologies for not answering emails and comments… $0.75/min! But hi Molly and Guy; glad you found us, and no, Guy, we use other names online :-)! Also Webcam bot, thanks for the hug.)


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

I'm so jealous.

Does Rosie have a farm?

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Oh, and I got a hug (not two, just one) from the same guy.

But I deleted him.

Vanson said...

I talked with Todd (gay Mormon from survivor) a little right before that season started. He's a way nice guy, but haven't heard from him in several months.

Cruises are a blast. I bet your kids are having so much fun.

Also, I have always wanted to go to Legoland :)

Cooper said...

Oh, I so want to do this one day with my sons! Have a wonderful, magical time!

Dave said...

I'm so jealous as well. That sounds awesome. Tell Todd "hi" for me. He was awesome on Survivor.

Java said...

That is so cool! I enjoyed my cruise, but I suffered gay withdrawal. Yes, especially with expensive internet access!!! Ouch! I've heard about gay theme cruises, and that's the kind I'd like to try. Have loads of fun!

Scot said...

Does Rosie have a farm?


Also, I have always wanted to go to Legoland :)

I know, it sucks that you have to wait to have children before you can do such without people staring.

Oh, I so want to do this one day with my sons!

If you do, let us know. We'd love to meet up.

Tell Todd "hi" for me.

He walks too fast :-)

I've heard about gay theme cruises, and that's the kind I'd like to try.

Java, with PFLAG here, there are many straight couples on this cruise too, and we're all having a great time. I'd recommend it for anybody.

Mr. Fob said...

Has it been a year already since the last Rosie cruise? Wow, that's crazy.